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DoubleClick Bid Manager API PHP Samples

This is a collection of samples written in PHP which provide a starting place for your experimentation into the DoubleClick Bid Manager API.


  • PHP 5.4+
  • JSON PHP extension
  • Composer

From the example directory, run composer install to install all dependencies.

Setup Authentication

This API uses OAuth 2.0. Learn more about Google APIs and OAuth 2.0 here:

Or, if you'd like to dive right in, follow these steps.

  • Visit to register your application.
  • From the API Manager -> Overview screen, activate access to "DoubleClick Bid Manager API".
  • Click on "Credentials" in the left navigation menu
  • Click the button labeled "Create credentials" -> "OAuth2 client ID"
  • Select "Web Application" as the "Application type"
  • Configure javascript origins and redirect URIs
  • Click "Create client ID"
  • Click "Download JSON" and save the file as client_secrets.json in your examples directory

Security alert!

Always ensure that your client_secrets.json file is not publicly accessible. This file contains credential information which could allow unauthorized access to your DBM data.

Running the Examples

Open the sample (http://your/path/index.php) in your browser

Click Connect Me to start an authentication flow, redirect back to your server, and then run the samples against your your Bid Manager account.

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