Samples for the HTML5 IMA SDK.
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Google Ads HTML5 IMA SDK

This project hosts samples for the HTML5 IMA SDK.

Samples Breakdown

  • Simple - the bare minimum required for an IMA integration
  • Advanced - IMA integration with more advanced UI including event logging, play/pause, and fullscreen, and companion ads
  • Playlist - expands on the advanced sample to demonstrate an integration with a video playlist
  • VPAID - Sample VPAID ads that work with the IMA SDK


  • Your favorite text editor
  • An HTML5 compliant browser
  • A webserver on which to host the sample


Check out the releases section for downloadable zips of the source.

More Info

For more information, see the documentation at

Announcements and Updates

For API and client library updates and news, please follow our Google+ Ads Developers page and our Google Ads Developers blog

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