AdWords API Extension: RateLimiter

RateLimiter is an AdWords API Java client library extension that automatically handles rate limit errors across all threads in a single JVM. It tries to extract the instructions (namely, rateScope and retryAfterSeconds) from RateExceededError, and employs a simple wait-and-retry strategy.


  • Distributed via Maven.
  • Uses SLF4J logging facade, allowing you to plug in a concrete logging framework of your choice.
  • Automatic handling of rate limit errors for single process applications.
  • Client library SOAP toolkit (Axis, JAX-WS) agnostic and version agnostic.


  • Java 1.7+
  • Maven 3.0+ not required, but recommended

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Support forum

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Maven artifact


Getting started

  1. Include this extension as a dependency (see its maven artifact above) in your Java project's pom.xml file.

  2. Make proper configuration

    • Check the sample file, and copy / modify the log4j.appender.RATELIMITER_LOG settings into the project's log configuration file.

    • Optional: Before invoking this extension, set proper system properties if you want to override the default values.

      • For using AdWords API services (such as CampaignService):

        // Property for the maximum number of attempts on rate limit error.
        System.setProperty(ApiServicesRetryStrategy.MAX_ATTEMPTS_ON_RATE_EXCEEDED_ERROR_PROPERTY, "5");
        // Property for the maximum wait time (in seconds) before retrying on rate limit error.
        System.setProperty(ApiServicesRetryStrategy.MAX_WAIT_TIME_ON_RATE_EXCEEDED_ERROR_PROPERTY, "86400");
      • For using AdWords API reporting (such as ReportDownloader):

        // Property for the maximum number of attempts on rate limit error.
        System.setProperty(ApiReportingRetryStrategy.MAX_ATTEMPTS_ON_RATE_EXCEEDED_ERROR_PROPERTY, "3");
        // Property for the exponential backoff interval (in milliseconds) before retrying on rate limit error.
        System.setProperty(ApiReportingRetryStrategy.BACKOFF_INTERVAL_ON_RATE_EXCEEDED_ERROR_PROPERTY, "5000");
  3. You are ready to use this extension now!

Basic usage

The following example applies for both Axis and JAX-WS SOAP-toolkits.


// AdWordsServicesInterface adWordsServices = AdWordsServices.getInstance();
// Just replacce the previous line with this one:
AdWordsServicesInterface adWordsServices = new AdWordsServicesWithRateLimiter(AdWordsServices.getInstance());

// Then use this AdWordsServicesWithRateLimiter object like a normal AdWordsServices object, and it would automatically handle rate limit errors!
CampaignServiceInterface campaignService = adWordsServices.get(session, CampaignServiceInterface.class);
// Invoke API calls with the "campaignService" object.

ReportDownloaderInterface reportDownloader = adWordsServices.getUtility(session, ReportDownloaderInterface.class);
// Invoke API calls with the "reportDownloader" object.