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Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin v8.7.0

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@vinkini vinkini released this 23 Jan 07:53
· 44 commits to main since this release

Plugin :

  • Added PublisherPrivacyPersonalizationState property accessible via RequestConfiguration.
  • Added PublisherFirstPartyIdEnabled property in RequestConfiguration.
  • Deprecated SameAppKeyEnabled in RequestConfiguration. Use PublisherFirstPartyIdEnabled instead.
  • Added ApplicationPreferences GetString and GetInt APIs.
  • Fixed [#3048] by applying accurate path for gradle scripts on Windows.
  • Updated Google Mobile Ads SDK dependency to use v22.6.0 on Android.
  • Updated Google Mobile Ads SDK dependency to use v10.14 on iOS.

Built and tested with:

  • Google Mobile Ads Android SDK 22.6.0
  • Google Mobile Ads iOS SDK 10.14
  • Google User Messaging Platform 2.1.0
  • External Dependency Manager for Unity 1.2.177