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API access using own credentials (server to server flow)

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This guide will walk you through how to setup OAuth2 for API access using your own credentials using server to server flow. These steps only need to be done once, unless you revoke or delete your OAuth2 credentials.

Step 1 - Creating OAuth2 credentials

Please use JSON keyfiles for authentication as P12 keyfiles are now deprecated for the Perl client library.

Follow the steps to generate a **service account ID and a .json or .p12 file, then come back to this page.

If you're an Google Ads user, please note that this flow requires a Google Apps Domain.

Step 2 - Setting up the client library

Using a .json file

Under the OAuth2 section of your file, insert your account delegate email, and path to your JSON file.


Using a .p12 file (deprecated)

In order to use the library for service accounts you need to transform your p12 certificate as generated by the Google API Console to PEM format. Make sure no password is set. In Linux/Unix systems with openssl installed you can execute.

openssl pkcs12 -in {private-key}.p12 -out {private-key}.pem -nodes

Under the OAuth2 section of your file, insert your account email, account delegate email, and path to your PEM file.

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