@vtsao vtsao released this Dec 22, 2016 · 8 commits to master since this release

Google Ads APIs Client Library for PHP v25.0.0


  • Added support and examples for v201609.
  • Removed support and examples for v201607.
  • Fixed
    issue #168.
  • Fixed issue #175.
  • Fixed issue #181.
  • Refactored how to specify what format a report is downloaded in
    ReportDownloader by introducing ReportDownloadResult.
  • Added support for including utility usage in the user agent header.


  • Added support and examples for v201611.
  • Removed support and examples for v201608.
  • Renamed DateTimeUtils to DfpDateTimes and refactored some of its methods
    to make it easier to understand and use.


  • Library is now stable and no longer in beta. See the
    Upgrading guide
    for details on how to upgrade.
  • Fixed the issue that some enum values whose names conflict with PHP reserved
    keywords were generated by prepending "a", e.g., "aDEFAULT". They are now
    generated by appending "VALUE", e.g., "DEFAULT_VALUE".
  • Removed __default const from all generated pseudo-enum classes as it's not
  • Fixed
    issue #173.
  • Refactored logging to support logging to different channels. There is now a
    SOAP logger, as well as other product-specific loggers.
  • Added convenience config options for core AdWords and DFP loggers to setup
    logging to a specified file.
  • Fixed issue #187.
  • Relaxed all library dependencies to use ^ instead of ~.
  • Various internal utility refactoring to make utilities clearer in what they
    do and easier to understand.