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@nolanmar511 nolanmar511 released this Jul 18, 2018 · 213 commits to master since this release

Notable changes since last release include wall profiles which distinguish idle from program time, and restricting versions of node 10 which profiler will be started with.

The following commits have been added since the last release:

25f8a26 fix: distinguish idle from program time (#248)
a4b7e6e chore: prevent profiler from being used with versions of node 10 with GC pauses (#242)
4ecef31 chore(deps): update dependency gts to ^0.8.0 (#253)
8dc0a94 fix(deps): update dependency gcp-metadata to ^0.7.0 (#252)
52003c8 fix: parse the response body message to determine retry backoff (#249)
da64079 chore: use --trace-warnings flag when calling node in e2e test (#251)
046d3ed chore(package): update dep protobufjs (#246)
e038d69 fix: coerce node version so pre, nightly, alpha, and beta versions of node can be used with profiler. (#223)
26d1708 chore(package): update gts to version 0.7.1 (#244)
1807f86 fix(deps): update dependency retry-request to v4 (#238)
e0b5ecb chore: give e2e tests more readable run id (#240)
1695e19 fix(deps): update dependency @google-cloud/common to ^0.20.0 (#236)
f0bcb22 chore(deps): update dependency gts to ^0.6.0 (#239)
0692b94 chore(deps): update dependency sinon to v6 (#237)
c5df478 chore(deps): update circleci/golang docker tag to v1.10 (#232)
c27dc8a chore(deps): update dependency typescript to ~2.9.0 (#234)
5961bd0 chore: renovate don't pin versions (#230)
7fe2ed4 Add renovate.json (#220)
4212aed chore: add retries to e2e test (#224)
2c9fd12 chore(package): update @google-clooud/common to version 0.19.2 (#222)
7bc883a chore: update nyc to the latest version (#219)
de29b49 chore(package): update @types/sinon to version 5.0.1 (#216)
8860ad1 chore: update package-lock.json (#209)
7adb19d chore(package): update @types/sinon to version 5.0.0 (#213)
d23b682 chore: retry npm install of profiler in e2e test (#215)
4d98a78 fix(package): update delay to version 3.0.0 (#214)
318a062 chore: update @google-cloud/common to latest version (#211)
eef1d34 chore: retry flaky steps in e2e test (#208)
3915027 chore: stop using deprecated GetCpuProfiler() in node 10 (#201)
41483df chore: add language to deployment labels (#198)
aca61b9 Revert "chore: add language to profile labels (#196)" (#197)
a7b4828 chore: add language to profile labels (#196)
595fdc0 fix: update typescript and @types/sinon dependency to fix failed typescript compilation (#195)
6b9370a fix: change types of request callbacks (#193)
ba1962e chore(package): update @types/node to version 10.0.3 (#191)
0d86966 add node 10 to presubmit tests (#189)
74b10b1 fix: add node in profile to track external memory (#192)
33cd531 fix: start sampling heap profiler before any asynchronous calls (#161)
24bd4dd fix: upgrade to the latest @google-cloud/common (#187)
aefa6b2 chore: reduce memory consumption of e2e testing benchmark (#182)
5d2574a chore: increase initial backoff to 1 min (#185)
e3b6892 chore(package): update @types/long to version 4.0.0 (#180)
e56ec78 feat: make profile duration and time between profiles configurable with startLocal() (#178)
7ad463e Add googletest as subtree (#176)
604f2a4 fix: make fix to (#177)
69176b6 chore: reduce verbosity of e2e test (#175)
d8a914c fix: fix e2e test (#174)
28d14b7 chore: reduce verbosity of e2e test output (#173)

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