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feat: update DirectPath environment variables (#1412)
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Co-authored-by: Vadym Matsishevskyi <>
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mohanli-ml and vam-google committed Jun 30, 2021
1 parent 0eac650 commit 4f63b61
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Expand Up @@ -80,6 +80,8 @@
public final class InstantiatingGrpcChannelProvider implements TransportChannelProvider {
private static final String DIRECT_PATH_ENV_DISABLE_DIRECT_PATH =
static final long DIRECT_PATH_KEEP_ALIVE_TIME_SECONDS = 3600;
// reduce the thundering herd problem of too many channels trying to (re)connect at the same time
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -243,17 +245,27 @@ public ManagedChannel createSingleChannel() throws IOException {
return GrpcTransportChannel.create(outerChannel);

// TODO(weiranf): Use attemptDirectPath as the only indicator once setAttemptDirectPath is adapted
// TODO(mohanli): Use attemptDirectPath as the only indicator once setAttemptDirectPath is adapted
// and the env var is removed from client environment.
private boolean isDirectPathEnabled(String serviceAddress) {
String disableDirectPathEnv = envProvider.getenv(DIRECT_PATH_ENV_DISABLE_DIRECT_PATH);
boolean isDirectPathDisabled = Boolean.parseBoolean(disableDirectPathEnv);
if (isDirectPathDisabled) {
return false;
// Only check attemptDirectPath when DIRECT_PATH_ENV_DISABLE_DIRECT_PATH is not set.
if (attemptDirectPath != null) {
return attemptDirectPath;
// Only check DIRECT_PATH_ENV_VAR when attemptDirectPath is not set.
String whiteList = envProvider.getenv(DIRECT_PATH_ENV_VAR);
if (whiteList == null) return false;
if (whiteList == null) {
return false;
for (String service : whiteList.split(",")) {
if (!service.isEmpty() && serviceAddress.contains(service)) return true;
if (!service.isEmpty() && serviceAddress.contains(service)) {
return true;
return false;
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