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Generated Java code for Google APIs
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Google Java API Client Services

This repository contains the generated source for individual APIs that utilize Google APIs Client Library for Java.


Supported Google APIs

You can find the list of available APIs below or you can find the published packages on Maven Central.

API Versions
API Discovery Service v1
Abusive Experience Report API v1
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) URL API v1
Access Approval API v1beta1
Access Context Manager API v1, v1beta
Ad Exchange Buyer API v1.2, v1.3, v1.4
Ad Exchange Buyer API II v2beta1
Ad Experience Report API v1
AdSense Host API v4.1
AdSense Management API v1.4
Admin Data Transfer API datatransfer_v1
Admin Directory API directory_v1
Admin Reports API reports_v1
Analytics Reporting API v4
Android Device Provisioning Partner API v1
Android Management API v1
App Engine Admin API v1, v1alpha, v1beta, v1beta4, v1beta5
Apps Script API v1
BigQuery API v2
BigQuery Connection API v1beta1
BigQuery Data Transfer API v1
BigQuery Reservation API v1, v1alpha2, v1beta1
Binary Authorization API v1, v1beta1
Blogger API v2, v3
Books API v1
Calendar API v3
Cloud Asset API v1, v1beta1
Cloud Bigtable Admin API v1, v2
Cloud Billing API v1
Cloud Build API v1, v1alpha1
Cloud Composer API v1, v1beta1
Cloud Data Fusion API v1beta1
Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API v2
Cloud Dataproc API v1, v1beta2
Cloud Datastore API v1, v1beta1, v1beta3
Cloud Filestore API v1, v1beta1
Cloud Firestore API v1, v1beta1, v1beta2
Cloud Functions API v1, v1beta2
Cloud Healthcare API v1beta1
Cloud Identity API v1, v1beta1
Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy API v1, v1beta1
Cloud IoT API v1
Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API v1
Cloud Machine Learning Engine v1
Cloud Natural Language API v1, v1beta1, v1beta2
Cloud OS Login API v1, v1alpha, v1beta
Cloud Private Catalog API v1beta1
Cloud Private Catalog Producer API v1beta1
Cloud Pub/Sub API v1, v1beta1a, v1beta2
Cloud Resource Manager API v1, v1beta1, v2, v2beta1
Cloud Run API v1, v1alpha1, v1beta1
Cloud Runtime Configuration API v1, v1beta1
Cloud SQL Admin API v1beta4
Cloud Scheduler API v1, v1beta1
Cloud Search API v1
Cloud Security Command Center API v1, v1beta1, v1p1alpha1
Cloud Shell API v1, v1alpha1
Cloud Source Repositories API v1
Cloud Spanner API v1
Cloud Speech-to-Text API v1, v1p1beta1, v2beta
Cloud Storage JSON API v1, v1beta1, v1beta2
Cloud TPU API v1, v1alpha1
Cloud Talent Solution API v2, v3, v3p1beta1
Cloud Tasks API v2, v2beta2, v2beta3
Cloud Testing API v1
Cloud Text-to-Speech API v1, v1beta1
Cloud Tool Results API v1beta3
Cloud Translation API v3beta1
Cloud Video Intelligence API v1, v1beta2, v1p1beta1, v1p2beta1, v1p3beta1
Cloud Vision API v1, v1p1beta1, v1p2beta1
Compute Engine API alpha, beta, v1
Container Analysis API v1alpha1, v1beta1
Content API for Shopping v2, v2.1
CustomSearch API v1
DCM/DFA Reporting And Trafficking API v3.2, v3.3
Dataflow API v1b3
Dialogflow API v2, v2beta1
Digital Asset Links API v1
Domains RDAP API v1
DoubleClick Bid Manager API v1
Drive API v2, v3
Drive Activity API v1, v2
Enterprise Apps Reseller API v1
Enterprise License Manager API v1
Fact Check Tools API v1alpha1
Firebase Cloud Messaging API v1
Firebase Dynamic Links API v1
Firebase Hosting API v1beta1
Firebase Management API v1beta1
Firebase Rules API v1
Fitness v1
Fusion Tables API v1, v2
G Suite Alert Center API v1beta1
G Suite Vault API v1
Genomics API v1, v1alpha2, v2alpha1
Gmail API v1
Google Analytics API v2.4, v3
Google Civic Information API v2
Google Classroom API v1
Google Cloud DNS API v1, v1beta2, v2beta1
Google Cloud Deployment Manager API v2
Google Cloud Deployment Manager API V2Beta Methods v2beta
Google Cloud Deployment Manager Alpha API alpha
Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis API v1, v1beta1
Google Cloud Translation API v2
Google Docs API v1
Google Fonts Developer API v1
Google Identity Toolkit API v3
Google Mirror API v1
Google OAuth2 API v1, v2
Google Play Custom App Publishing API v1
Google Play Developer API v1, v1.1, v2, v3
Google Play EMM API v1
Google Play Game Services API v1
Google Play Game Services Management API v1management
Google Play Game Services Publishing API v1configuration
Google Search Console URL Testing Tools API v1
Google Sheets API v4
Google Site Verification API v1
Google Slides API v1
Google+ API v1
Google+ Domains API v1
Groups Migration API v1
Groups Settings API v1
Hangouts Chat API v1
HomeGraph API v1
IAM Service Account Credentials API v1
Identity and Access Management (IAM) API v1
Indexing API v3
Knowledge Graph Search API v1
Kubernetes Engine API v1, v1beta1
Library Agent API v1
Manufacturer Center API v1
PageSpeed Insights API v1, v2, v4, v5
People API v1
Perspective Comment Analyzer API v1alpha1
Policy Troubleshooter API v1beta
Poly API v1
Proximity Beacon API v1beta1
Recommender API v1beta1
Remote Build Execution API v1, v1alpha, v2
Replica Pool API v1beta1
Safe Browsing API v4
Search Ads 360 API v2
Search Console API v3
Service Broker API v1, v1alpha1, v1beta1
Service Consumer Management API v1
Service Control API v1
Service Management API v1
Service Networking API v1, v1beta
Service Usage API v1, v1beta1
Stackdriver Debugger API v2
Stackdriver Error Reporting API v1beta1
Stackdriver Logging API v2
Stackdriver Monitoring API v3
Stackdriver Profiler API v2
Stackdriver Trace API v1, v2
Storage Transfer API v1
Street View Publish API v1
Surveys API v2
Tag Manager API v1, v2
Tasks API v1
URL Shortener API v1
Verified Access API v1
Web Security Scanner API v1, v1alpha, v1beta
YouTube Analytics API v1, v2
YouTube Data API v3
YouTube Reporting API v1

Generating the API clients

Generating the API clients requires git and Python 3.6.

  1. Install gcp-synthtool:

    $ python3 -m pip install gcp-synthtool
  2. Run the generator:

    $ python3
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