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fix: cleanup commented code of version control (#1504)
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suraj-qlogic committed Mar 9, 2020
1 parent b9c222c commit 5b1968d7bb05affd211b3403a6acc18c3d0c23d9
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@@ -468,14 +468,6 @@
NOTE: if you make a change to these versions, you MUST make the same change to:
- google-api-client-assembly/android-properties (make the filenames match the version here)
- google-oauth-java-client/pom.xml (versions must match)
- google-oauth-java-client/google-oauth-client-assembly/android-properties (make the filenames match the version here)
- google-http-java-client/pom.xml (versions must match)
- google-http-java-client/google-http-client-assembly/android-properties (make the filenames match the version here)

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