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docs: update (#1568)
An authorized http is required to build service, otherwise it will fail to read meta data.
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jiahongchao committed Oct 21, 2021
1 parent a9f93ae commit 0b400f97be45808ade211ca8291b2e1d9476bde1
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@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@ from googleapiclient import discovery
def build_request(http, *args, **kwargs):
new_http = google_auth_httplib2.AuthorizedHttp(credentials, http=httplib2.Http())
return googleapiclient.http.HttpRequest(new_http, *args, **kwargs)
service ='api_name', 'api_version', requestBuilder=build_request)
authorized_http = google_auth_httplib2.AuthorizedHttp(credentials, http=httplib2.Http())
service ='api_name', 'api_version', requestBuilder=build_request, http=authorized_http)
# Pass in a new Http() manually for every request
service ='api_name', 'api_version')

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