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fix: MediaIoBaseDownload range header off-by-one (#1595)
Issue: It looks like Range header end value was constructed by adding chunk size to
current position. This leads into the request being one byte longer, and also
the received response body is one byte longer than anticipated.

Fix: adjust the end to be one byte earlier.

For example with `chunksize=1024` and current position being 0, the range header
should be set to `bytes=0-1023`.


Fixes #1593


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Fixes #1593 馃
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jvtm committed Nov 11, 2021
1 parent 2a718c3 commit 4b73b2e9d53e63404c8800f2a2b3f1ee86680815
Showing with 18 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 鈭1 googleapiclient/
  2. +17 鈭0 tests/
@@ -733,7 +733,7 @@ def next_chunk(self, num_retries=0):
headers = self._headers.copy()
headers["range"] = "bytes=%d-%d" % (
self._progress + self._chunksize,
self._progress + self._chunksize - 1,
http = self._request.http

@@ -488,6 +488,23 @@ def test_media_io_base_download(self):
self.assertEqual(5, download._progress)
self.assertEqual(5, download._total_size)

def test_media_io_base_download_range_request_header(self):
self.request.http = HttpMockSequence(
{"status": "200", "content-range": "0-2/5"},

download = MediaIoBaseDownload(fd=self.fd, request=self.request, chunksize=3)

status, done = download.next_chunk()
result = json.loads(self.fd.getvalue().decode("utf-8"))

self.assertEqual(result.get("range"), "bytes=0-2")

def test_media_io_base_download_custom_request_headers(self):
self.request.http = HttpMockSequence(

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