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  • Fix check for error text on Python 3.7. (#278)
  • Use new Auth URIs. (#281)
  • Add code-of-conduct document. (#270)
  • Fix some typos in (#268)


  • Warn when using user credentials from the Cloud SDK (#266)
  • Add compute engine-based IDTokenCredentials (#236)
  • Corrected some typos (#265)


  • Raise a helpful exception when trying to refresh credentials without a refresh token. (#262)
  • Fix links to README and CONTRIBUTING in docs/index.rst. (#260)
  • Fix a typo in (#256)
  • Use pytest instead of py.test per upstream recommendation, #dropthedot. (#255)
  • Fix typo on exemple of jwt usage (#245)


  • Added a check for the cryptography version before attempting to use it. (#243)


  • Added cryptography-based RSA signer and verifier. (#185)
  • Added google.oauth2.service_account.IDTokenCredentials. (#234)
  • Improved documentation around ID Tokens (#224)


  • Added google.oauth2.credentials.Credentials.from_authorized_user_file (#226)
  • Dropped direct pyasn1 dependency in favor of letting pyasn1-modules specify the right version. (#230)
  • default() now checks for the project ID environment var before warning about missing project ID. (#227)
  • Fixed the docstrings for has_scopes() and with_scopes(). (#228)
  • Fixed example in docstring for ReadOnlyScoped. (#219)
  • Made transport.requests use timeouts and retries to improve reliability. (#220)


  • Excluded compiled Python files in source distributions. (#215)
  • Updated docs for creating RSASigner from string. (#213)
  • Use six.raise_from wherever possible. (#212)
  • Fixed a typo in a comment seconds not sections. (#210)


  • Added google.auth.credentials.AnonymousCredentials. (#206)
  • Updated the documentation to link to the Google Cloud Platform Python setup guide (#204)


  • google.oauth.credentials.Credentials now correctly inherits from ReadOnlyScoped instead of Scoped. (#200)


  • Added service_account.Credentials.project_id. (#187)
  • Move read-only methods of credentials.Scoped into new interface credentials.ReadOnlyScoped. (#195, #196)
  • Make compute_engine.Credentials derive from ReadOnlyScoped instead of Scoped. (#195)
  • Fix App Engine's expiration calculation (#197)
  • Split crypt module into a package to allow alternative implementations. (#189)
  • Add error message to handle case of empty string or missing file for GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS (#188)


  • Fixed a bug where the Cloud SDK executable could not be found on Windows, leading to project ID detection failing. (#179)
  • Fixed a bug where the timeout argument wasn't being passed through the httplib transport correctly. (#175)
  • Added documentation for using the library on Google App Engine standard. (#172)
  • Testing style updates. (#168)
  • Added documentation around the oauth2client deprecation. (#165)
  • Fixed a few lint issues caught by newer versions of pylint. (#166)


  • Fixed a bug in the clock skew accommodation logic where expired credentials could be used for up to 5 minutes. (#158)


Milestone release for v1.0.0. No significant changes since v0.10.0


  • Added jwt.OnDemandCredentials. (#142)
  • Added new public property id_token to oauth2.credentials.Credentials. (#150)
  • Added the ability to set the address used to communicate with the Compute Engine metadata server via the GCE_METADATA_ROOT and GCE_METADATA_IP environment variables. (#148)
  • Changed the way cloud project IDs are ascertained from the Google Cloud SDK. (#147)
  • Modified expiration logic to add a 5 minute clock skew accommodation. (#145)


  • Added service_account.Credentials.with_claims. (#140)
  • Moved google.auth.oauthlib and google.auth.flow to a new separate package google_auth_oauthlib. (#137, #139, #135, #126)
  • Added InstalledAppFlow to google_auth_oauthlib. (#128)
  • Fixed some packaging and documentation issues. (#131)
  • Added a helpful error message when importing optional dependencies. (#125)
  • Made all properties required to reconstruct google.oauth2.credentials.Credentials public. (#124)
  • Added official Python 3.6 support. (#102)
  • Added jwt.Credentials.from_signing_credentials and removed service_account.Credentials.to_jwt_credentials. (#120)


  • Removed one-time token behavior from jwt.Credentials, audience claim is now required and fixed. (#117)
  • crypt.Signer and crypt.Verifier are now abstract base classes. The concrete implementations have been renamed to crypt.RSASigner and crypt.RSAVerifier. app_engine.Signer and iam.Signer now inherit from crypt.Signer. (#115)
  • transport.grpc now correctly calls Credentials.before_request. (#116)


  • Added google.auth.iam.Signer. (#108)
  • Fixed issue where google.auth.app_engine.Signer erroneously returns a tuple from sign(). (#109)
  • Added public property google.auth.credentials.Signing.signer. (#110)


  • Added experimental integration with requests-oauthlib in google.oauth2.oauthlib and google.oauth2.flow. (#100, #105, #106)
  • Fixed typo in google_auth_httplib2's README. (#105)


  • Added app_engine.Signer. (#97)
  • Added crypt.Signer.from_service_account_file. (#95)
  • Fixed error handling in the oauth2 client. (#96)
  • Fixed the App Engine system tests.


  • transports.grpc.secure_authorized_channel now passes kwargs to grpc.secure_channel. (#90)
  • Added new property credentials.Singing.signer_email which can be used to identify the signer of a message. (#89)
  • (google_auth_httplib2) Added a proxy to httplib2.Http.connections.


  • Fixed an issue where an ImportError would occur if google.oauth2 was imported before google.auth. (#88)


  • Fixed a bug where non-padded base64 encoded strings were not accepted. (#87)
  • Fixed a bug where ID token verification did not correctly call the HTTP request function. (#87)


  • Added Google ID token verification helpers. (#82)
  • Swapped the target and request argument order for grpc.secure_authorized_channel. (#81)
  • Added a user's guide. (#79)
  • Made service_account_email a public property on several credential classes. (#76)
  • Added a scope argument to google.auth.default. (#75)
  • Added support for the GCLOUD_PROJECT environment variable. (#73)


  • Added gRPC support. (#67)
  • Added Requests support. (#66)
  • Added google.auth.credentials.with_scopes_if_required helper. (#65)
  • Added private helper for oauth2client migration. (#70)


First release with core functionality available. This version is ready for initial usage and testing.

  • Added google.auth.credentials, public interfaces for Credential types. (#8)
  • Added google.oauth2.credentials, credentials that use OAuth 2.0 access and refresh tokens (#24)
  • Added google.oauth2.service_account, credentials that use Service Account private keys to obtain OAuth 2.0 access tokens. (#25)
  • Added google.auth.compute_engine, credentials that use the Compute Engine metadata service to obtain OAuth 2.0 access tokens. (#22)
  • Added google.auth.jwt.Credentials, credentials that use a JWT as a bearer token.
  • Added google.auth.app_engine, credentials that use the Google App Engine App Identity service to obtain OAuth 2.0 access tokens. (#46)
  • Added google.auth.default(), an implementation of Google Application Default Credentials that supports automatic Project ID detection. (#32)
  • Added system tests for all credential types. (#51, #54, #56, #58, #59, #60, #61, #62)
  • Added google.auth.transports.urllib3.AuthorizedHttp, an HTTP client that includes authentication provided by credentials. (#19)
  • Documentation style and formatting updates.


Initial release with foundational functionality for cryptography and JWTs.

  • google.auth.crypt for creating and verifying cryptographic signatures.
  • google.auth.jwt for creating (encoding) and verifying (decoding) JSON Web tokens.