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May 19, 2015

Google Cloud Libraries for .NET

.NET idiomatic client libraries for Google Cloud Platform services.

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Available APIs

This repository contains code for the following client libraries. Each package name links to the documentation for that package.

Package Latest version Description
Google.Analytics.Admin.V1Alpha 1.0.0-alpha01 Analytics Admin API
Google.Cloud.Asset.V1 2.2.0 Google Cloud Asset Inventory
Google.Cloud.AutoML.V1 2.0.0 Google AutoML
Google.Cloud.BigQuery.Connection.V1 1.0.0 BigQuery Connection API
Google.Cloud.BigQuery.DataTransfer.V1 2.0.0 Google BigQuery Data Transfer
Google.Cloud.BigQuery.Reservation.V1 1.0.0 BigQuery Reservation API
Google.Cloud.BigQuery.V2 2.0.0 Google BigQuery
Google.Cloud.BigQuery.Storage.V1 2.0.0 Google BigQuery Storage
Google.Cloud.Bigtable.Admin.V2 2.1.0 Google Cloud Bigtable Administration
Google.Cloud.Bigtable.Common.V2 2.0.0 Common code used by Bigtable V2 APIs
Google.Cloud.Bigtable.V2 2.0.0 Google Bigtable
Google.Cloud.Billing.Budgets.V1Beta1 1.0.0-beta01 Cloud Billing Budget API
Google.Cloud.Billing.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Billing API
Google.Cloud.Container.V1 2.0.0 Google Kubernetes Engine API
Google.Cloud.DataCatalog.V1 1.0.0 Data Catalog
Google.Cloud.Dataproc.V1 3.0.0-beta00 Google Cloud Dataproc
Google.Cloud.Datastore.V1 3.0.0 Google Cloud Datastore
Google.Cloud.Debugger.V2 2.0.0 Google Cloud Debugger
Google.Cloud.DevTools.Common 2.0.0 Common Protocol Buffer messages for Google Cloud Developer Tools APIs
Google.Cloud.DevTools.ContainerAnalysis.V1 2.0.0 Google Container Analysis
Google.Cloud.Diagnostics.AspNetCore 4.1.0-beta01 Google Cloud Logging, Trace and Error Reporting Instrumentation Libraries for ASP.NET Core
Google.Cloud.Diagnostics.Common 4.1.0-beta01 Google Cloud Logging, Trace and Error Reporting Instrumentation Libraries Common Components
Google.Cloud.Dialogflow.V2 3.0.0 Google Cloud Dialogflow
Google.Cloud.Dlp.V2 3.0.0 Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention
Google.Cloud.DocumentAI.V1Beta2 1.0.0-beta01 Cloud Document AI
Google.Cloud.ErrorReporting.V1Beta1 2.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud Error Reporting
Google.Cloud.Firestore.Admin.V1 2.0.0 Firestore Administration (e.g. index management)
Google.Cloud.Firestore 2.1.0 Firestore high-level library
Google.Cloud.Firestore.V1 2.0.0 Firestore low-level API access
Google.Cloud.Functions.V1 1.0.0-beta01 Cloud Functions API
Google.Cloud.Gaming.V1 1.0.0-beta01 Game Services API
Google.Cloud.Gaming.V1Beta 1.0.0-beta04 Google Cloud for Games
Google.Cloud.Iam.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Google.Cloud.Kms.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Key Management Service
Google.Cloud.Language.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Natural Language
Google.Cloud.Logging.Log4Net 3.1.0 Log4Net client library for the Google Cloud Logging API
Google.Cloud.Logging.NLog 3.0.1 NLog target for the Google Cloud Logging API
Google.Cloud.Logging.Type 3.0.0 Version-agnostic types for the Google Cloud Logging API
Google.Cloud.Logging.V2 3.0.0 Google Cloud Logging
Google.Cloud.ManagedIdentities.V1 2.0.0 Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory
Google.Cloud.Memcache.V1Beta2 1.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud Memorystore for Memcache
Google.Cloud.Monitoring.V3 2.1.0 Google Cloud Monitoring
Google.Cloud.Notebooks.V1Beta1 1.0.0-beta01 AI Platform Notebooks API
Google.Cloud.OrgPolicy.V1 2.0.0 OrgPolicy API messages
Google.Cloud.OsConfig.V1 1.0.0 Google Cloud OS Config API
Google.Cloud.OsLogin.Common 2.0.0 Version-agnostic types for the Google OS Login API
Google.Cloud.OsLogin.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud OS Login (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.OsLogin.V1Beta 2.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud OS Login (V1Beta API)
Google.Cloud.PhishingProtection.V1Beta1 1.0.0-beta02 Cloud Phishing Protection
Google.Cloud.PubSub.V1 2.1.0 Cloud Pub/Sub
Google.Cloud.RecaptchaEnterprise.V1 1.0.0 Google Cloud reCAPTCHA Enterprise (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.RecaptchaEnterprise.V1Beta1 1.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud reCAPTCHA Enterprise (V1Beta1 API)
Google.Cloud.Recommender.V1 2.1.0 Google Cloud Recommender
Google.Cloud.Redis.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.Redis.V1Beta1 2.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis (V1Beta1 API)
Google.Cloud.Scheduler.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Scheduler
Google.Cloud.SecretManager.V1 1.0.0 Secret Manager (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.SecretManager.V1Beta1 2.0.0-beta02 Secret Manager (V1Beta1 API)
Google.Cloud.SecurityCenter.Settings.V1Beta1 1.0.0-beta01 Google Cloud Security Command Center Settings
Google.Cloud.SecurityCenter.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Security Command Center (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.SecurityCenter.V1P1Beta1 2.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud Security Command Center (V1P1Beta1 API)
Google.Cloud.ServiceDirectory.V1Beta1 1.0.0-beta02 Service Directory
Google.Cloud.Spanner.Admin.Database.V1 3.1.0 Google Cloud Spanner Database Administration
Google.Cloud.Spanner.Admin.Instance.V1 3.1.0 Google Cloud Spanner Instance Administration
Google.Cloud.Spanner.Data 3.1.0 Google ADO.NET Provider for Google Cloud Spanner
Google.Cloud.Spanner.Common.V1 3.1.0 Common resource names used by all Spanner V1 APIs
Google.Cloud.Spanner.V1 3.1.0 Google Cloud Spanner
Google.Cloud.Speech.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Speech (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.Speech.V1P1Beta1 2.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud Speech (V1P1Beta1 API)
Google.Cloud.Storage.V1 3.2.0 Google Cloud Storage
Google.Cloud.Talent.V4Beta1 2.0.0-beta03 Google Cloud Talent Solution
Google.Cloud.Tasks.V2 2.0.0 Google Cloud Tasks (V2 API)
Google.Cloud.Tasks.V2Beta3 2.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud Tasks (V2Beta3 API)
Google.Cloud.TextToSpeech.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Text-to-Speech
Google.Cloud.Trace.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Trace (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.Trace.V2 2.0.0 Google Cloud Trace (V2 API)
Google.Cloud.Translate.V3 2.0.0 Google Cloud Translation (V3 API)
Google.Cloud.Translation.V2 2.0.0 Google Cloud Translation (V2 API)
Google.Cloud.VideoIntelligence.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Video Intelligence
Google.Cloud.Vision.V1 2.0.0 Google Cloud Vision
Google.Cloud.WebRisk.V1 1.0.0 Google Cloud Web Risk (V1 API)
Google.Cloud.WebRisk.V1Beta1 2.0.0-beta02 Google Cloud Web Risk (V1Beta1 API)
Google.Identity.AccessContextManager.Type 1.0.0 Version-agnostic types for the Google Identity Access Context Manager API
Google.Identity.AccessContextManager.V1 1.0.0 Protocol buffer types for the Google Identity Access Context Manager API V1
Google.LongRunning 2.0.0 Support for the Long-Running Operations API pattern
Grafeas.V1 2.0.0 Grafeas

If you need support for other Google APIs, check out the Google .NET API Client library

Example Applications

Specifying a Project ID

Most Google Cloud Libraries for .NET require a project ID. If you don't remember yours (or haven't created a project yet), navigate to the Google Developers Console to view your project ID (or create a new project and then get the ID). Once done, record the value and make sure to pass it as a parameter to the methods that require it.


Every API call needs to be authenticated. In order to successfully make a call, first ensure that the necessary Google Cloud APIs are enabled for your project and that you've downloaded the right set of keys (if it applies to you) as explained in the authentication document.

Next, choose a method for authenticating API requests from within your project:

  1. When using google-cloud-dotnet libraries from within Compute/App Engine, no additional authentication steps are necessary.
  2. When using google-cloud-dotnet libraries elsewhere, you can do one of the following:
    • Define the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to be the location of the key. For example:

      set GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/path/to/my/key.json
    • If running locally for development/testing, you can authenticate using the Google Cloud SDK. Download the SDK if you haven't already, then login by running the following in the command line:

      gcloud auth application-default login

Supported platforms

See the Supported Platforms documentation for details on where the Google Cloud Libraries for .NET are supported.


The Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET follow Semantic Versioning.

The version number in the package name (and .NET namespace) represents the version of the underlying API; the version number for the package itself indicates the status of the client library.

See the Versioning documentation for more details.


Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.

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