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feat(spanner/spansql): add complete set of string functions (#3625)
This doesn't implement them, but only declares them for accurate

Fixes #3618.
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dsymonds committed Jan 28, 2021
1 parent 98637e0 commit 34027ada6a718603be2987b4084ce5e0ead6413c
Showing 1 changed file with 45 additions and 14 deletions.
@@ -127,25 +127,56 @@ var keywords = map[string]bool{

// funcs is the set of reserved keywords that are functions.
var funcs = map[string]bool{
var funcs = make(map[string]bool)

func init() {
for _, f := range allFuncs {
funcs[f] = true

var allFuncs = []string{
// TODO: many more

// Aggregate functions.
"ANY_VALUE": true,
"ARRAY_AGG": true,
"AVG": true,
"BIT_XOR": true,
"COUNT": true,
"MAX": true,
"MIN": true,
"SUM": true,

// Mathematical functions.
"ABS": true,

// Hash functions.
"SHA1": true,

// String functions.
"CHAR_LENGTH": true,

// TODO: many more

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