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feat(compute)!: add pagination and an Operation wrapper (#4542)
This PR does multiple things due to the breaking nature of the code changes for compute.

Breaking changes:

paginated APIs now return Iterators
long running APIs now return a wrapped Operation type instead of the protobuf-go generated type directly
Integration tests are added for all of the new changes.

The gapic generator is updated with the aforementioned changes. To enable these changes, genbot will now supply the diregapic flag to the gapic generator based on if the API is generated via googleapis-discovery.
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noahdietz committed Aug 3, 2021
1 parent 0f3b6f6 commit 36f4649
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Showing 156 changed files with 19,831 additions and 8,607 deletions.
371 changes: 274 additions & 97 deletions compute/apiv1/accelerator_types_client.go

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33 changes: 23 additions & 10 deletions compute/apiv1/accelerator_types_client_example_test.go

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