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chore: bulk gen (#4746)
Added a new feature to the generator to start generating modules for newly added clients. This can be done by adding the new -generate-module flag. The code generated in this PR has been made with these updated generator changes.

Example command to generate a new module and client:
go run -local -gocloud-dir /path/to/google-cloud-go -only-gapics -generate-module

This commit will be tagged:

- networksecurity/v0.1.0
- accesscontextmanager/v0.1.0
- contactcenterinsights/v0.1.0


feat(internal/gapicgen): add ability to carve a module when generating

feat(networksecurity): start generating clients

feat(monitoring/metricsscope): start generating apiv1

feat(accesscontextmanager): start generating clients

feat(contactcenterinsights): start generating clients

feat(networkconnectivity): start generating apiv1

feat(resourcemanager): start generating apiv3
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codyoss committed Sep 16, 2021
1 parent aa01955 commit 8d45b5d802b5da2e82f9f8fbe00c01b0c54a6b33
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# Changes

## v0.1.0

- feat(accesscontextmanager): start generating clients
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# Access Context Manager API

[![Go Reference](](

Go Client Library for Access Context Manager API.

## Install

go get

## Stability

The stability of this module is indicated by SemVer.

However, a `v1+` module may have breaking changes in two scenarios:

* Packages with `alpha` or `beta` in the import path
* The GoDoc has an explicit stability disclaimer (for example, for an experimental feature).

## Go Version Support

See the [Go Versions Supported](
section in the root directory's README.

## Authorization

See the [Authorization](
section in the root directory's README.

## Contributing

Contributions are welcome. Please, see the [CONTRIBUTING](
document for details.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct.
By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. See
[Contributor Code of Conduct](
for more information.

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