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Cloud Firestore for PHP

Idiomatic PHP client for Cloud Firestore.

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NOTE: This repository is part of Google Cloud PHP. Any support requests, bug reports, or development contributions should be directed to that project.

A NoSQL document database built for automatic scaling, high performance, and ease of application development. While the Cloud Firestore interface has many of the same features as traditional databases, as a NoSQL database it differs from them in the way it describes relationships between data objects.


To begin, install the preferred dependency manager for PHP, Composer.

Now to install just this component:

$ composer require google/cloud-firestore

Or to install the entire suite of components at once:

$ composer require google/cloud

This component requires the gRPC extension. Please see our gRPC installation guide for more information on how to configure the extension.


Please see our Authentication guide for more information on authenticating your client. Once authenticated, you'll be ready to start making requests.


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Google\Cloud\Firestore\FirestoreClient;

$firestore = new FirestoreClient();

$collectionReference = $firestore->collection('Users');
$documentReference = $collectionReference->document($userId);
$snapshot = $documentReference->snapshot();

echo "Hello " . $snapshot['firstName'];


This component is considered GA (generally available). As such, it will not introduce backwards-incompatible changes in any minor or patch releases. We will address issues and requests with the highest priority.

Next Steps

  1. Understand the official documentation.
  2. Take a look at in-depth usage samples.
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