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fix: default charset to UTF-8 for text/csv if not specified (#1423)
Some servers don't return the charset. This causes german
characters to be encoded incorrectly, since ISO_8859_1 does not
work very well in such cases defaulting to UTF-8 if its missing.

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Fixes #1421  ☕️
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rohitvvv committed Aug 11, 2021
1 parent 41e54fa commit 26f3da4b6426625d0d88afdad525dbf99c65bc8b
@@ -534,6 +534,11 @@ public Charset getContentCharset() {
// - JSON must be encoded with UTF-8
return StandardCharsets.UTF_8;
// fallback to well-kown charset for text/csv
if ("text".equals(mediaType.getType()) && "csv".equals(mediaType.getSubType())) {
// - CSV must be encoded with UTF-8
return StandardCharsets.UTF_8;
return StandardCharsets.ISO_8859_1;
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ public void testParseAsString_none() throws Exception {
private static final String VALID_CONTENT_TYPE = "text/plain";
private static final String VALID_CONTENT_TYPE_WITH_PARAMS =
"application/; charset=utf-8; version=v1; q=0.9";
private static final String VALID_CONTENT_TYPE_WITHOUT_CHARSET = "text/csv; version=v1; q=0.9";
private static final String INVALID_CONTENT_TYPE = "!!!invalid!!!";
private static final String JSON_CONTENT_TYPE = "application/json";

@@ -194,6 +195,32 @@ public LowLevelHttpResponse execute() throws IOException {
assertEquals("ISO-8859-1", response.getContentCharset().name());

public void testParseAsString_validContentTypeWithoutCharSetWithParams() throws Exception {
HttpTransport transport =
new MockHttpTransport() {
public LowLevelHttpRequest buildRequest(String method, String url) throws IOException {
return new MockLowLevelHttpRequest() {
public LowLevelHttpResponse execute() throws IOException {
MockLowLevelHttpResponse result = new MockLowLevelHttpResponse();
return result;
HttpRequest request =

HttpResponse response = request.execute();
assertEquals(SAMPLE2, response.parseAsString());
assertEquals(VALID_CONTENT_TYPE_WITHOUT_CHARSET, response.getContentType());
assertEquals("UTF-8", response.getContentCharset().name());

public void testParseAsString_jsonContentType() throws IOException {
HttpTransport transport =
new MockHttpTransport() {

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