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url: android.html
- page: Google App Engine
url: google-app-engine.html
- page: HTTP Transport
url: http-transport.html
- page: JSON
url: json.html
- page: Exponential Backoff
url: exponential-backoff.html
- page: Unit Testing
url: unit-testing.html
url: unit-testing.html
- page: Support
url: support.html
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ HttpRequestFactory requestFactory = transport.createRequestFactory(new MyInitial
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title: Support

# Support

## The Google HTTP Client Library for Java Community

### Ask development questions

Ask questions on StackOverflow:

* Use the [google-api][so-google-api] tag, and optionally [java][so-java] or [android][so-android]
or [java google-app-engine][so-java-gae].
* You can also use the [google-http-java-client][so-http-client] tag.
* For tips on asking StackOverflow questions, see [How to Ask][so-how-to-ask].

**Note:** Please do not email the project contributors directly.

### File feature requests and defects

You can suggest features and report issues on our public [Issue Tracker][issues]. This is a great
place for the community to discuss and track implementations of features or resolution of bug fixes,
as well as share workarounds and patches.

If you find a bug:

* View [known bugs][issues], and if a known bug corresponds to the issue you are seeing, "star" it
or comment on it.
* If the issue you are seeing has not yet been reported, [file a bug report][new-issue].

### Contribute

This is an [open-source][http-client] library, and [contributions][contributions] are welcome.


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