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title: Google OAuth Client for Java
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- page: Overview
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- page: Setup Instructions
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- page: Component Modules
url: component-modules.html
- page: OAuth 1.0
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- page: OAuth 2.0
url: oauth-2.0-html
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title: Component Modules

# Component Modules

This libraries is composed of several modules:

## google-oauth-client

Google OAuth Client Library for Java (`google-oauth-client`) is designed to be
compatible with all supported Java platforms, including Android.

## google-oauth-client-appengine

Google App Engine extensions to the Google OAuth Client Library for Java
(`google-oauth-client-appengine`) support Java Google App Engine applications.
This module depends on `google-oauth-client` and `google-oauth-client-servlet`.

## google-oauth-client-java6

Java 6 (and higher) extensions to the Google OAuth Client Library for Java
(`google-oauth-client-java6`) support Java6+ applications. This module depends
on `google-oauth-client`.

## google-oauth-client-jetty

Jetty extensions to the Google OAuth Client Library for Java
(`google-oauth-client-jetty`) support authorization code flow for installed
applications. This module depends on `google-oauth-client-java6`.

## google-oauth-client-servlet

Servlet and JDO extensions to the Google OAuth Client Library for Java
(`google-oauth-client-servlet`) support Java servlet web applications. This
module depends on `google-oauth-client`.
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title: Overview

# Overview

## Description

Written by Google, the Google OAuth Client Library for Java is a
powerful and easy-to-use Java library for the OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0
authorization standards.

The Google OAuth Client Library for Java is designed to work with any
OAuth service on the web, not just with Google APIs. The library is
built on the [Google HTTP Client Library for Java][google-http-client],
and it supports Java 7 (or higher) standard (SE) and enterprise (EE),
Android 4.0 (or higher), and Google App Engine.

For access to Google APIs, see the
[Google API Client Library for Java][google-api-client].

This is an open-source library, and you can access the
[source on GitHub][google-oauth-client]. [Contributions][contributions] are

## Beta Features

Features marked with the `@Beta` annotation at the class or method level
are subject to change. They might be modified in any way, or even removed,
in any major release. You should not use beta features if your code is a
library itself (that is, if your code is used on the `CLASSPATH` of users
outside your own control).

## Deprecated Features

Deprecated non-beta features will be removed eighteen months after the
release in which they are first deprecated. You must fix your usages before
this time. If you don't, any type of breakage might result, and you are not
guaranteed a compilation error.

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title: OAuth 1.0

# OAuth 1.0a and the Google OAuth Client Library for Java

[OAuth 1.0][oauth1] is a standard specification for allowing end users to
securely authorize a client application to access protected server-side

## Important notices

The OAuth 1.0a support provided by the Google OAuth Client Library for Java is

Do not use OAuth 1.0 to access Google APIs, because Google has deprecated its
support for OAuth 1.0 in favor of OAuth 2.0. If you currently have an app that
accesses Google APIs using OAuth 1.0, see
[Migrating from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0][migrating].

## Using OAuth 1.0

The Google OAuth Client Library for Java supports two types of signature methods
for OAuth 1.0a (`@Beta`), which we provide foruse with non-Google services:

* HMAC-SHA1 ([`OAuthHmacSigner`][oauth-hmac-signer])
* RSA-SHA1 ([`OAuthRsaSigner`][oauth-rsa-signer]

For details, see the
[Javadoc for the OAuth 1.0 package][oauth-javadoc].

[oauth-javadoc]: (

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