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docs: readme note for gke deployment configuration (#185)
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* docs: note for gke deployment

This change contains a note for deployment in GKE. If no configuration
is provided the JVM in CoS detects only 1 CPU/Core, which restrain the
number of channels resulting in performance loss.

* docs: rephrased the readme notes

Added grpc thread sharing note
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rahulKQL committed Feb 24, 2020
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## Container Deployment

While deploying this client in [Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE)]( with [CoS]( Please make sure to provide CPU configuration in your deployment file. With default configuration JVM detects only 1 CPU, which affects the number of channels with the client, resulting in performance repercussion.

Also, The number of `grpc-nio-worker-ELG-1-#` thread is same as number of CPUs. These are managed by a single `grpc-default-executor-#` thread, which is shared among multiple client instances.

For example:
appVersion: v1
cpu: "1" # Here 1 represents 100% of single node CPUs whereas other than 1 represents the number of CPU it would use from a node.
see [Assign CPU Resources to Containers]( for more information.

## Troubleshooting

To get help, follow the instructions in the [shared Troubleshooting
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