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deps: update dependency to v3.16.0 #152

merged 1 commit into from May 7, 2021


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@renovate-bot renovate-bot commented May 7, 2021

WhiteSource Renovate

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence (source) 3.15.8 -> 3.16.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • Fix compiler warnings issue found in conformance_test_runner #​8189 (#​8190)
  • Fix MinGW-w64 build issues. (#​8286)
  • [Protoc] C++ Resolved an issue where NO_DESTROY and CONSTINIT are in incorrect order (#​8296)
  • Fix PROTOBUF_CONSTINIT macro redefinition (#​8323)
  • Delete StringPiecePod (#​8353)
  • Fix gcc error: comparison of unsigned expression in '>= 0' is always … (#​8309)
  • Fix cmake install on iOS (#​8301)
  • Create a CMake option to control whether or not RTTI is enabled (#​8347)
  • Fix endian.h location on FreeBSD (#​8351)
  • Refactor util::Status (#​8354)
  • Make util::Status more similar to absl::Status (#​8405)
  • Fix -Wsuggest-destructor-override for generated C++ proto classes. (#​8408)
  • Refactor StatusOr and StringPiece (#​8406)
  • Refactor uint128 (#​8416)
  • The ::pb namespace is no longer exposed due to conflicts.
  • Allow MessageDifferencer::TreatAsSet() (and friends) to override previous
    calls instead of crashing.
  • Reduce the size of generated proto headers for protos with string or
    bytes fields.
  • Move arena() operation on uncommon path to out-of-line routine
  • For iterator-pair function parameter types, take both iterators by value.
  • Code-space savings and perhaps some modest performance improvements in
  • Eliminate nullptr check from every tag parse.
  • Remove unused $name$_cached_byte_size fields.
  • Serialize extension ranges together when not broken by a proto field in the
  • Do out-of-line allocation and deallocation of string object in ArenaString.
  • Streamline ParseContext::ParseMessage to avoid code bloat and improve
  • New member functions RepeatedField::Assign, RepeatedPtrField::{Add, Assign}.
  • Fix undefined behavior warning due to innocuous uninitialization of value
    on an error path.
  • Avoid expensive inlined code space for encoding message length for messages

    = 128 bytes and instead do a procedure call to a shared out-of-line routine.

  • util::DefaultFieldComparator will be final in a future version of protobuf.
    Subclasses should inherit from SimpleFieldComparator instead.
  • Add .NET 5 target and improve WriteString performance with SIMD (#​8147)
  • deps: update JUnit and Truth (#​8319)
  • Detect invalid overflow of byteLimit and return InvalidProtocolBufferException as documented.
  • Exceptions thrown while reading from an InputStream in parseFrom are now
    included as causes.
  • Support potentially more efficient proto parsing from RopeByteStrings.
  • Clarify runtime of ByteString.Output.toStringBuffer().
  • Added UnsafeByteOperations to protobuf-lite (#​8426)
  • Make Any.pack() chainable.
  • Fix some constness / char literal issues being found by MSVC standard conforming mode (#​8344)
  • Switch on "new" buffer API (#​8339)
  • Enable crosscompiling aarch64 python wheels under dockcross manylinux docker image (#​8280)
  • Fixed a bug in text format where a trailing colon was printed for repeated field.
  • When TextFormat encounters a duplicate message map key, replace the current
    one instead of merging.
  • Move the class map to a CFDictionary. (#​8328)
  • read_property() handler is not supposed to return NULL (#​8362)
  • Changed parameter type from long to integer (#​7613)
  • fix: README supported PHP version for C extension (#​8236)
  • Fixed quadratic memory usage when appending to arrays. (#​8364)
  • Fixed memory leak of Ruby arena objects. (#​8461)
  • Add support for proto3 json_name in compiler and field definitions. (#​8356)
  • Some doc on AOT compilation and protobuf (#​8294)
  • [CMake] Ability to pass options to protoc executable from cmake (#​8374)
  • Add --fatal_warnings flag to treat warnings as errors (#​8131)
  • [bazel] Remove deprecated way to depend on googletest (#​8396)
  • add error returns missing from protoc to prevent it from exiting with… (#​8409)


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elharo approved these changes May 7, 2021
@elharo elharo merged commit fe2b858 into googleapis:master May 7, 2021
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@renovate-bot renovate-bot deleted the renovate/protobuf.version branch May 7, 2021
gcf-merge-on-green bot pushed a commit that referenced this issue May 12, 2021
🤖 I have created a release \*beep\* \*boop\*
## [2.2.0]( (2021-05-12)

### Features

* **generator:** update protoc to v3.15.3 ([#123]( ([6e4c513](
* introduce google.type.Decimal ([#133]( ([2602033](
* Publish visibility.proto ([#148]( ([70a872e](

### Bug Fixes

* correct maven artifact metadata ([#145]( ([15f5c4a](, closes [#72](
* release scripts from issuing overlapping phases ([#142]( ([36fedec](
* typo ([#140]( ([e05c3f9](

### Documentation

* correct label format for monitored_resource and log_entry labels for managed monitored_resource should not have forward slash labels for log_entry should not have forward slash ([#128]( ([05cfd8c](

### Dependencies

* update dependency to v3.15.6 ([#122]( ([3fe8289](
* update dependency to v3.15.8 ([#137]( ([e3315de](
* update dependency to v3.16.0 ([#152]( ([fe2b858](
* update dependency io.grpc:grpc-bom to v1.37.0 ([#131]( ([5f6476a](

This PR was generated with [Release Please]( See [documentation](
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