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deps: update dependency to v3.17.3 #211


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@renovate-bot renovate-bot commented Aug 30, 2021

WhiteSource Renovate

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence (source) 3.7.1 -> 3.17.3 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes




  • Note: This is the last release to support Python 2.7. Future releases will require Python >= 3.5.


  • Introduce FieldAccessListener.
  • Stop emitting boilerplate {Copy/Merge}From in each ProtoBuf class
  • Fixed some uninitialized variable warnings in


  • Fix duplicate proto files error (#​8699)


  • Fixed parser to check that we are at a proper limit when a sub-message has
    finished parsing.





  • Fixed SEGV in sub-message getters for well-known types when message is unset



  • Fixed PHP memory leaks and arginfo errors. (#​8614)
  • Fixed JSON parser to allow multiple values from the same oneof as long as all but one are null.


  • Fixed memory bug: properly root repeated/map field when assigning. (#​8639)
  • Fixed JSON parser to allow multiple values from the same oneof as long as all but one are null.


Protocol Compiler
  • Fix the generated source information for reserved values in Enums.
  • Fix -Wunused-parameter in map<string, int> fields (fixes #​8494) (#​8500)
  • Use byteswap.h when building against musl libc (#​8503)
  • Fix -Wundefined-inline error when using SharedCtor() or SharedDtor() (#​8532)
  • Fix bug where Descriptor::DebugString() printed proto3 synthetic oneofs.
  • Provide stable versions of SortAndUnique().
  • Make sure to cache proto3 optional message fields when they are cleared.
  • Expose UnsafeArena methods to Reflection.
  • Use std::string::empty() rather than std::string::size() > 0.
  • Introduce support for Kotlin protos (#​8272)
  • Restrict extension setter and getter operators to non-nullable T.
  • updating GSON and Guava to more recent versions (#​8524)
  • Reduce the time spent evaluating isExtensionNumber by storing the extension
    ranges in a TreeMap for faster queries. This is particularly relevant for
    protos which define a large number of extension ranges, for example when
    each tag is defined as an extension.
  • Fix java bytecode estimation logic for optional fields.
  • Optimize Descriptor.isExtensionNumber.
  • Add MethodDescriptor.CopyToProto() (#​8327)
  • Remove unused python_protobuf.{cc,h} (#​8513)
  • Start publishing python aarch64 manylinux wheels normally (#​8530)
  • Fix constness issue detected by MSVC standard conforming mode (#​8568)
  • Make JSON parsing match C++ and Java when multiple fields from the same
    oneof are present and all but one is null.
  • Add support for proto3 json_name in compiler and field definitions (#​8356)
  • Fixed memory leak of Ruby arena objects. (#​8461)
  • Fix source gem compilation (#​8471)
  • Fix various exceptions in Ruby on 64-bit Windows (#​8563)
  • Fix crash when calculating Message hash values on 64-bit Windows (#​8565)
Conformance Tests
  • Added a conformance test for the case of multiple fields from the same
  • Use a newer version of rules_proto, with the new rule proto_descriptor_set (#​8469)



  • Fix compiler warnings issue found in conformance_test_runner #​8189 (#​8190)
  • Fix MinGW-w64 build issues. (#​8286)
  • [Protoc] C++ Resolved an issue where NO_DESTROY and CONSTINIT are in incorrect order (#​8296)
  • Fix PROTOBUF_CONSTINIT macro redefinition (#​8323)
  • Delete StringPiecePod (#​8353)
  • Fix gcc error: comparison of unsigned expression in '>= 0' is always … (#​8309)
  • Fix cmake install on iOS (#​8301)
  • Create a CMake option to control whether or not RTTI is enabled (#​8347)
  • Fix endian.h location on FreeBSD (#​8351)
  • Refactor util::Status (#​8354)
  • Make util::Status more similar to absl::Status (#​8405)
  • Fix -Wsuggest-destructor-override for generated C++ proto classes. (#​8408)
  • Refactor StatusOr and StringPiece (#​8406)
  • Refactor uint128 (#​8416)
  • The ::pb namespace is no longer exposed due to conflicts.
  • Allow MessageDifferencer::TreatAsSet() (and friends) to override previous
    calls instead of crashing.
  • Reduce the size of generated proto headers for protos with string or
    bytes fields.
  • Move arena() operation on uncommon path to out-of-line routine
  • For iterator-pair function parameter types, take both iterators by value.
  • Code-space savings and perhaps some modest performance improvements in
  • Eliminate nullptr check from every tag parse.
  • Remove unused _$name$cached_byte_size fields.
  • Serialize extension ranges together when not broken by a proto field in the
  • Do out-of-line allocation and deallocation of string object in ArenaString.
  • Streamline ParseContext::ParseMessage to avoid code bloat and improve
  • New member functions RepeatedField::Assign, RepeatedPtrField::{Add, Assign}.
  • Fix undefined behavior warning due to innocuous uninitialization of value
    on an error path.
  • Avoid expensive inlined code space for encoding message length for messages

    = 128 bytes and instead do a procedure call to a shared out-of-line routine.

  • util::DefaultFieldComparator will be final in a future version of protobuf.
    Subclasses should inherit from SimpleFieldComparator instead.


  • Add .NET 5 target and improve WriteString performance with SIMD (#​8147)


  • deps: update JUnit and Truth (#​8319)
  • Detect invalid overflow of byteLimit and return InvalidProtocolBufferException as documented.
  • Exceptions thrown while reading from an InputStream in parseFrom are now
    included as causes.
  • Support potentially more efficient proto parsing from RopeByteStrings.
  • Clarify runtime of ByteString.Output.toStringBuffer().
  • Added UnsafeByteOperations to protobuf-lite (#​8426)


  • Make Any.pack() chainable.


  • Fix some constness / char literal issues being found by MSVC standard conforming mode (#​8344)
  • Switch on "new" buffer API (#​8339)
  • Enable crosscompiling aarch64 python wheels under dockcross manylinux docker image (#​8280)
  • Fixed a bug in text format where a trailing colon was printed for repeated field.
  • When TextFormat encounters a duplicate message map key, replace the current
    one instead of merging.


  • Move the class map to a CFDictionary. (#​8328)


  • read_property() handler is not supposed to return NULL (#​8362)
  • Changed parameter type from long to integer (#​7613)
  • fix: README supported PHP version for C extension (#​8236)


  • Fixed quadratic memory usage when appending to arrays. (#​8364)
  • Fixed memory leak of Ruby arena objects. (#​8461)
  • Add support for proto3 json_name in compiler and field definitions. (#​8356)


  • Some doc on AOT compilation and protobuf (#​8294)
  • [CMake] Ability to pass options to protoc executable from cmake (#​8374)
  • Add --fatal_warnings flag to treat warnings as errors (#​8131)
  • [bazel] Remove deprecated way to depend on googletest (#​8396)
  • add error returns missing from protoc to prevent it from exiting with… (#​8409)


  • Fixed memory leak of Ruby arena objects (#​8461)



  • Remove the ::pb namespace (alias) (#​8423)


  • Fix unbounded memory growth for Ruby <2.7 (#​8429)
  • Fixed message equality in cases where the message type is different (#​8434)



  • Fixed bug in string comparison logic (#​8386)


  • Fixed quadratic memory use in array append (#​8379)
  • Fixed quadratic memory use in array append (#​8379)
  • Do not disable RTTI by default in the CMake build (#​8377)



  • Fixed SEGV when users pass nil messages (#​8363)
  • Fixed quadratic memory usage when appending to arrays (#​8364)


  • Create a CMake option to control whether or not RTTI is enabled (#​8361)


  • read_property() handler is not supposed to return NULL (#​8362)


  • Ruby <2.7 now uses WeakMap too, which prevents memory leaks. (#​8341)



  • Fix for FieldDescriptor.get(msg) (#​8330)


  • Fix PROTOBUF_CONSTINIT macro redefinition (#​8323)



  • Bugfix for Message.[] for repeated or map fields (#​8313)
  • Fix for truncating behavior when converting Float to Duration (#​8320)


  • Small fixes for MinGW and for C++20 with GCC (#​8318)


Protocol Compiler
  • Optional fields for proto3 are enabled by default, and no longer require
    the --experimental_allow_proto3_optional flag.
  • MessageDifferencer: fixed bug when using custom ignore with multiple
    unknown fields
  • Use init_seg in MSVC to push initialization to an earlier phase.
  • Runtime no longer triggers -Wsign-compare warnings.
  • Fixed -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare warning.
  • DynamicCastToGenerated works for nullptr input for even if RTTI is disabled
  • Arena is refactored and optimized.
  • Clarified/specified that the exact value of Arena::SpaceAllocated() is an
    implementation detail users must not rely on. It should not be used in
    unit tests.
  • Change the signature of Any::PackFrom() to return false on error.
  • Add fast reflection getter API for strings.
  • Constant initialize the global message instances
  • Avoid potential for missed wakeup in UnknownFieldSet
  • Now Proto3 Oneof fields have "has" methods for checking their presence in
  • Bugfix for NVCC
  • Return early in _InternalSerialize for empty maps.
  • Adding functionality for outputting map key values in proto path logging
    output (does not affect comparison logic) and stop printing 'value' in the
    path. The modified print functionality is in the
  • Fixed
  • Ensure that null char symbol, package and file names do not result in a
  • Constant initialize the global message instances
  • Pretty print 'max' instead of numeric values in reserved ranges.
  • Removed remaining instances of std::is_pod, which is deprecated in C++20.
  • Changes to reduce code size for unknown field handling by making uncommon
    cases out of line.
  • Fix std::is_pod deprecated in C++20 (#​7180)
  • Fix some -Wunused-parameter warnings (#​8053)
  • Fix detecting file as directory on zOS issue #​8051 (#​8052)
  • Don't include sys/param.h for _BYTE_ORDER (#​8106)
  • remove CMAKE_THREAD_LIBS_INIT from pkgconfig CFLAGS (#​8154)
  • Fix TextFormatMapTest.DynamicMessage issue#​5136 (#​8159)
  • Fix for compiler warning issue#​8145 (#​8160)
  • fix: support deprecated enums for GCC < 6 (#​8164)
  • Fix some warning when compiling with Visual Studio 2019 on x64 target (#​8125)
  • Provided an override for the reverse() method that will reverse the internal
    collection directly instead of using the other methods of the BaseContainer.
  • MessageFactory.CreateProtoype can be overridden to customize class creation.
  • Fix PyUnknownFields memory leak (#​7928)
  • Add macOS big sur compatibility (#​8126)
  • Generate getDescriptor methods with * as their this type.
  • Enforce let/const for generated messages.
  • js/binary/utils.js: Fix jspb.utils.joinUnsignedDecimalString to work with negative bitsLow and low but non-zero bitsHigh parameter. (#​8170)
  • Added support for PHP 8. (#​8105)
  • unregister INI entries and fix invalid read on shutdown (#​8042)
  • Fix PhpDoc comments for message accessors to include "|null". (#​8136)
  • fix: convert native PHP floats to single precision (#​8187)
  • Fixed PHP to support field numbers >=2**28. (#​8235)
  • feat: add support for deprecated fields to PHP compiler (#​8223)
  • Protect against stack overflow if the user derives from Message. (#​8248)
  • Fixed clone for Message, RepeatedField, and MapField. (#​8245)
  • Updated upb to allow nonzero offset minutes in JSON timestamps. (#​8258)
  • Added support for Ruby 3. (#​8184)
  • Rewrote the data storage layer to be based on upb_msg objects from the
    upb library. This should lead to much better parsing performance,
    particularly for large messages. (#​8184).
  • Fill out JRuby support (#​7923)
  • [Ruby] Fix: (SIGSEGV) gRPC-Ruby issue on Windows. memory alloc infinite
    recursion/run out of memory (#​8195)
  • Fix jruby support to handle messages nested more than 1 level deep (#​8194)
  • Avoid possible UnsupportedOperationException when using CodedInputSteam
    with a direct ByteBuffer.
  • Make Durations.comparator() and Timestamps.comparator() Serializable.
  • Add more detailed error information for dynamic message field type
    validation failure
  • Removed declarations of functions declared in java_names.h from
  • Now Proto3 Oneof fields have "has" methods for checking their presence in
  • Annotates Java proto generated *_FIELD_NUMBER constants.
  • Add -assumevalues to remove JvmMemoryAccessor on Android.
  • Fix parsing negative Int32Value that crosses segment boundary (#​8035)
  • Change ByteString to use memory and support unsafe create without copy (#​7645)
  • Optimize MapField serialization by removing MessageAdapter (#​8143)
  • Allow FileDescriptors to be parsed with extension registries (#​8220)
  • Optimize writing small strings (#​8149)


Protocol Compiler
  • The proto compiler no longer requires a .proto filename when it is not
    generating code.
  • Added flag --deterministic_output to protoc --encode=....
  • Fixed deadlock when using google.protobuf.Any embedded in aggregate options.
  • Arenas are now unconditionally enabled. cc_enable_arenas no longer has
    any effect.
  • Removed inlined string support, which is incompatible with arenas.
  • Fix a memory corruption bug in reflection when mixing optional and
    non-optional fields.
  • Make SpaceUsed() calculation more thorough for map fields.
  • Add stack overflow protection for text format with unknown field values.
  • FieldPath::FollowAll() now returns a bool to signal if an out-of-bounds
    error was encountered.
  • Performance improvements for Map.
  • Minor formatting fix when dumping a descriptor to .proto format with
  • UBSAN fix in RepeatedField (#​2073).
  • When running under ASAN, skip a test that makes huge allocations.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when creating more than 256 extensions in
    a single message.
  • Fix a crash in BuildFile when passing in invalid descriptor proto.
  • Parser security fix when operating with CodedInputStream.
  • Warn against the use of AllowUnknownExtension.
  • Migrated to C++11 for-range loops instead of index-based loops where
    possible. This fixes a lot of warnings when compiling with -Wsign-compare.
  • Fix segment fault for proto3 optional (#​7805)
  • Adds a CMake option to build libprotoc separately (#​7949)
  • Bugfix in mergeFrom() when a oneof has multiple message fields.
  • Fix returning -1 when told to read
    0 bytes when not at EOF.
  • Redefine remove(Object) on primitive repeated field Lists to avoid
  • Support "\u" escapes in textformat string literals.
  • Trailing empty spaces are no longer ignored for FieldMask.
  • Fix FieldMaskUtil.subtract to recursively remove mask.
  • Mark enums with @java.lang.Deprecated if the proto enum has option
    deprecated = true;.
  • Adding forgotten duration.proto to the lite library (#​7738)
  • Print google.protobuf.NullValue as null instead of "NULL_VALUE" when it is
    used outside WKT Value/Struct.
  • Fix bug occurring when attempting to deep copy an enum type in python 3.
  • Add a setuptools extension for generating Python protobufs (#​7783)
  • Remove uses of pkg_resources in non-namespace packages. (#​7902)
  • [bazel/py] Omit google/ from the Protobuf runtime. (#​7908)
  • Removed the unnecessary setuptools package dependency for Python package (#​7511)
  • Fix PyUnknownFields memory leak (#​7928)
  • Added support for "==" to the PHP C extension (#​7883)
  • Added == operators for Map and Array. (#​7900)
  • Native C well-known types (#​7944)
  • Optimized away hex2bin() call in generated code (#​8006)
  • New version of upb, and a new hash function wyhash in third_party. (#​8000)
  • add missing hasOneof method to check presence of oneof fields (#​8003)
  • Update go_package options to reference module.
  • annotate ByteString.CopyFrom(ReadOnlySpan) as SecuritySafeCritical (#​7701)
  • Fix C# optional field reflection when there are regular fields too (#​7705)
  • Fix parsing negative Int32Value that crosses segment boundary (#​8035)
  • JS: parse (un)packed fields conditionally (#​7379)



  • The C extension is completely rewritten. The new C extension has significantly
    better parsing performance and fixes a handful of conformance issues. It will
    also make it easier to add support for more features like proto2 and proto3 presence.
  • The new C extension does not support PHP 5.x, which is the reason for the major
    version bump. PHP 5.x users can still use pure-PHP.


  • Removed deprecated unsafe arena string accessors
  • Enabled heterogeneous lookup for std::string keys in maps.
  • Removed implicit conversion from StringPiece to std::string
  • Fix use-after-destroy bug when the Map is allocated in the arena.
  • Improved the randomness of map ordering
  • Added stack overflow protection for text format with unknown fields
  • Use std::hash for proto maps to help with portability.
  • Added more Windows macros to proto whitelist.
  • Arena constructors for map entry messages are now marked "explicit"
    (for regular messages they were already explicit).
  • Fix subtle aliasing bug in RepeatedField::Add
  • Fix mismatch between MapEntry ByteSize and Serialize with respect to unset


  • JSON format conformance fixes:
    • Reject lowercase t for Timestamp json format.
    • Print full_name directly for extensions (no camelCase).
    • Reject boolean values for integer fields.
    • Reject NaN, Infinity, -Infinity that is not quoted.
    • Base64 fixes for bytes fields: accept URL-safe base64 and missing padding.
  • Bugfix for fields/files named "async" or "await".
  • Improved the error message when AttributeError is returned from getattr
    in EnumTypeWrapper.


  • Fixed a bug where setting optional proto3 enums with setFooValue() would
    not mark the value as present.
  • Add Subtract function to FieldMaskUtil.


  • Dropped support for netstandard1.0 (replaced by support for netstandard1.1).
    This was required to modernize the parsing stack to use the Span<byte>
    type internally. (#​7351)
  • Add ParseFrom(ReadOnlySequence<byte>) method to enable GC friendly
    parsing with reduced allocations and buffer copies. (#​7351)
  • Add support for serialization directly to a IBufferWriter<byte> or
    to a Span<byte> to enable GC friendly serialization.
    The new API is available as extension methods on the IMessage type. (#​7576)
    generated code compatible with old C# compilers (pre-roslyn compilers
    from .NET framework and old versions of mono) that do not support
    ref structs. Users that are still on a legacy stack that does
    not support C# 7.2 compiler might need to use the new define
    in their projects to be able to build the newly generated code. (#​7490)
  • Due to the major overhaul of parsing and serialization internals (#​7351 and #​7576),
    it is recommended to regenerate your generated code to achieve the best
    performance (the legacy generated code will still work, but might incur
    a slight performance penalty).




  • Simplified the template export macros to fix the build for mingw32. (#​7539)


  • Fix for the :protobuf_objc target in the Bazel BUILD file. (#​7538)



  • Re-add binary gems for Ruby 2.3 and 2.4. These are EOL upstream, however
    many people still use them and dropping support will require more
    coordination. (#​7529, #​7531).


Protocol Compiler
  • [experimental] Singular, non-message typed fields in proto3 now support
    presence tracking. This is enabled by adding the "optional" field label and
    passing the --experimental_allow_proto3_optional flag to protoc.
  • Allow duplicate symbol names when multiple descriptor sets are passed on
    the command-line, to match the behavior when multiple .proto files are passed.
  • Deterministic protoc --descriptor_set_out (#​7175)
  • [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
  • New descriptor APIs to support proto3 presence.
  • Fix for #​7463 in -rc1 (core dump mixing optional and singular fields in proto3)
  • Enable Arenas by default on all .proto files.
  • Documented that users are not allowed to subclass Message or MessageLite.
  • Mark generated classes as final; inheriting from protos is strongly discouraged.
  • Add stack overflow protection for text format with unknown fields.
  • Add accessors for map key and value FieldDescriptors.
  • Add FieldMaskUtil::FromFieldNumbers().
  • MessageDifferencer: use ParsePartial() on Any fields so the diff does not
    fail when there are missing required fields.
  • ReflectionOps::Merge(): lookup messages in the right factory, if it can.
  • Added Descriptor::WellKnownTypes enum and Descriptor::well_known_type()
    accessor as an easier way of determining if a message is a Well-Known Type.
  • Optimized RepeatedField::Add() when it is used in a loop.
  • Made proto move/swap more efficient.
  • De-virtualize the GetArena() method in MessageLite.
  • Improves performance of by factor 1000 (#​7230)
  • bug: #​7076 undefine Windows OUT and OPTIONAL macros (#​7087)
  • Fixed a bug in FieldDescriptor::DebugString() that would erroneously print
    an "optional" label for a field in a oneof.
  • Fix bug in parsing bool extensions that assumed they are always 1 byte.
  • Fix off-by-one error in FieldOptions::ByteSize() when extensions are present.
  • Clarified the comments to show an example of the difference between
    Descriptor::extension and DescriptorPool::FindAllExtensions.
  • Add a compiler option 'code_size' to force optimize_for=code_size on all
    protos where this is possible.
  • [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
  • Fix for #​7480 in -rc1 ("TextFormat and JsonFormat ignore experimental proto3 optional enums")
  • Fix for #​7505 in -rc1 (" toString() returns incorrect ascii when there are duplicate keys in a map")
  • Mark java enum _VALUE constants as @​Deprecated if the enum field is deprecated
  • reduce size for enums with allow_alias set to true.
  • Sort map fields alphabetically by the field's key when printing textproto.
  • TextFormat.merge() handles Any as top level type.
  • Throw a descriptive IllegalArgumentException when calling
    getValueDescriptor() on enum special value UNRECOGNIZED instead of
  • Fixed an issue with JsonFormat.printer() where setting printingEnumsAsInts()
    would override the configuration passed into includingDefaultValueFields().
  • Implement overrides of indexOf() and contains() on primitive lists returned
    for repeated fields to avoid autoboxing the list contents.
  • Add overload to FieldMaskUtil.fromStringList that accepts a descriptor.
  • [bazel] Move Java runtime/toolchains into //java (#​7190)
  • [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
  • [experimental] fast import protobuf module, only works with cpp generated code linked in.
  • Truncate 'float' fields to 4 bytes of precision in setters for pure-Python
    implementation (C++ extension was already doing this).
  • Fixed a memory leak in C++ bindings.
  • Added a deprecation warning when code tries to create Descriptor objects
  • Fix unintended comparison between bytes and string in
  • Avoid printing excess digits for float fields in TextFormat.
  • Remove Python 2.5 syntax compatibility from the proto compiler generated module code.
  • Drop 3.3, 3.4 and use single version docker images for all python tests (#​7396)
  • Fix js message pivot selection (#​6813)
  • Persistent Descriptor Pool (#​6899)
  • Implement lazy loading of php class for proto messages (#​6911)
  • Correct @​return in Any.unpack docblock (#​7089)
  • Ignore unknown enum value when ignore_unknown specified (#​7455)
  • [experimental] Implemented proto3 presence for Ruby. (#​7406)
  • Stop building binary gems for ruby <2.5 (#​7453)
  • Fix for wrappers with a zero value (#​7195)
  • Fix for JSON serialization of 0/empty-valued wrapper types (#​7198)
  • Call "Class#new" over rb_class_new_instance in decoding (#​7352)
  • Build extensions for Ruby 2.7 (#​7027)
  • assigning 'nil' to submessage should clear the field. (#​7397)
  • [experimental] Add support for proto3 presence fields in C# (#​7382)
  • Cleanup various bits of Google.Protobuf (#​6674)
  • Fix conformance test failures for Google.Protobuf (#​6910)
  • Fix latest ArgumentException for C# extensions (#​6938)
  • Remove unnecessary branch from ReadTag (#​7289)
  • Enforce recursion depth checking for unknown fields (#​7132)
  • Mark GetOption API as obsolete and expose the "GetOptions()" method
    on descriptors instead (#​7491)
  • Remove Has/Clear members for C# message fields in proto2 (#​7429)
  • [experimental] ObjC Proto3 optional support (#​7421)
  • Block subclassing of generated classes (#​7124)
  • Use references to Obj C classes instead of names in descriptors. (#​7026)
  • Revisit how the WKTs are bundled with ObjC. (#​7173)
  • Add a proto_lang_toolchain for javalite (#​6882)
  • [bazel] Update gtest and deprecate //external:{gtest,gtest_main} (#​7237)
  • Add application note for explicit presence tracking. (#​7390)
  • Howto doc for implementing proto3 presence in a code generator. (#​7407)



  • Fix latest ArgumentException for C# extensions (#​7188)
  • Enforce recursion depth checking for unknown fields (#​7210)


  • Fix wrappers with a zero value (#​7195)
  • Fix JSON serialization of 0/empty-valued wrapper types (#​7198)



  • Add OUT and OPTIONAL to windows portability files (#​7087)


  • Refactored ulong to zend_ulong for php7.4 compatibility (#​7147)
  • Call register_class before getClass from desc to fix segfault (#​7077)



  • Extern declare protobuf_globals (#​6946)



  • Make serialization method naming consistent
  • Make proto runtime + generated code free of deprecation warnings
  • Moved ShutdownProtobufLibrary() to message_lite.h. For backward compatibility a declaration is still available in stubs/common.h, but users should prefer message_lite.h
  • Removed non-namespace macro EXPECT_OK()
  • Removed mathlimits.h from stubs in favor of using std::numeric_limits from C++11
  • Fixed bug in parser when ending on a group tag
  • Add a helper function to UnknownFieldSet to deal with the changing return value of message::unknown_fields()
  • Fix incorrect use of string_view iterators
  • Support direct pickling of nested messages
  • Skip extension tag validation for MessageSet if unknown dependencies are allowed
  • Updated deprecation macros to annotate deprecated code (#​6612)
  • Remove conversion warning in MapEntryFuncs::ByteSizeLong (#​6766)
  • Revert "Make shared libraries be able to link to MSVC static runtime libraries, so that VC runtime is not required." (#​6914)


  • Remove the usage of MethodHandle, so that Android users prior to API version 26 can use protobuf-java
  • Publish ProGuard config for javalite
  • Fix for StrictMode disk read violation in ExtensionRegistryLite
  • Include part of the ByteString's content in its toString().
  • Include unknown fields when merging proto3 messages in Java lite builders


  • Add float_precision option in json format printer
  • Optionally print bytes fields as messages in unknown fields, if possible
  • FieldPath: fix testing IsSet on root path ''
  • Experimental code gen (fast import protobuf module) which only work with cpp generated code linked in


  • Remove guard for Symbol iterator for jspb.Map


  • Avoid too much overhead in layout_init (#​6716)
  • Lazily Create Singular Wrapper Message (#​6833)
  • Implement lazy loading of php class for proto messages (#​6911)


  • Ruby lazy wrappers optimization (#​6797)


Objective C

  • Fixed unaligned reads for 32bit arm with newer Xcode versions (#​6678)


  • Switch the proto parser to the faster MOMI parser.
  • Properly escape Struct keys in the proto3 JSON serializer.
  • Fix crash on uninitialized map entries.
  • Informed the compiler of has-bit invariant to produce better code
  • Unused imports of files defining descriptor extensions will now be reported
  • Add proto2::util::RemoveSubranges to remove multiple subranges in linear time.
  • Added BaseTextGenerator::GetCurrentIndentationSize()
  • Made implicit weak fields compatible with the Apple linker
  • Support 32 bit values for ProtoStreamObjectWriter to Struct.
  • Removed the internal-only header coded_stream_inl.h and the internal-only methods defined there.
  • Enforced no SWIG wrapping of descriptor_database.h (other headers already had this restriction).
  • Implementation of the equivalent of the MOMI parser for serialization. This removes one of the two serialization routines, by making the fast array serialization routine completely general. SerializeToCodedStream can now be implemented in terms of the much much faster array serialization. The array serialization regresses slightly, but when array serialization is not possible this wins big.
  • Do not convert unknown field name to snake case to accurately report error.
  • Fix a UBSAN warnings. (#​6333)
  • Add podspec for C++ (#​6404)
  • protoc: fix source code info location for missing label (#​6436)
  • C++ Add move constructor for Reflection's SetString (#​6477)

This release has a known issue on Android API level <26 ( if you are using protobuf-java in Android. protobuf-javalite users will be fine.

  • Call loadDescriptor outside of synchronized block to remove one possible source of deadlock.
  • Have oneof enums implement a separate interface (other than EnumLite) for clarity.
  • Opensource Android Memory Accessors
  • Update TextFormat to make use of the new TypeRegistry.
  • Support getFieldBuilder and getRepeatedFieldBuilder in ExtendableBuilder
  • Update JsonFormat to make use of the new TypeRegistry.
  • Add proguard config generator for GmmBenchmarkSuiteLite.
  • Change ProtobufArrayList to use Object[] instead of ArrayList for 5-10% faster parsing
  • Implement ProtobufArrayList.add(E) for 20% (5%-40%) faster overall protolite2 parsing
  • Make a copy of JsonFormat.TypeRegistry at the protobuf top level package. This will eventually replace JsonFormat.TypeRegistry.
  • Fix javadoc warnings in generated files (#​6231)
  • Java: Add Automatic-Module-Name entries to the Manifest (#​6568)
  • Add descriptor methods in descriptor_pool are deprecated.
  • Uses explicit imports to prevent multithread test failures in py3.
  • Added delitem for Python extension dict
  • Update six version to 1.12.0 and fix legacy_create_init issue (#​6391)
  • Remove deprecated boolean option to getResultBase64String().
  • Fix sint64 zig-zag encoding.
  • Simplify hash64 string conversion to avoid DIGIT array. Should reduce overhead if these functions aren't used, and be more efficient by avoiding linear array searches.
  • Change the parameter types of binaryReaderFn in ExtensionFieldBinaryInfo to (number, ?, ?).
  • Create dates.ts and time_of_days.ts to mirror Java versions. This is a near-identical conversion of c.g.type.util.{Dates,TimeOfDays} respectively.
  • Migrate moneys to TypeScript.
  • Fix incorrect leap day for Timestamp (#​6696)
  • Initialize well known type values (#​6713)

Update 2019-10-04: Ruby release has been rolled back due to We will upload a new version once the bug is fixed.

  • Fix scope resolution for Google namespace (#​5878)
  • Support hashes for struct initializers (#​5716)
  • Optimized away the creation of empty string objects. (#​6502)
  • Roll forward Ruby upb changes now that protobuf Ruby build is fixed (#​5866)
  • Optimized layout_mark() for Ruby (#​6521)
  • Optimization for layout_init() (#​6547)
  • Fix for GC of Ruby map frames. (#​6533)
  • Fixed leap year handling by reworking upb_mktime() -> upb_timegm(). (#​6695)
Objective C
  • Remove OSReadLittle* due to alignment requirements (#​6678)
  • Don't use unions and instead use memcpy for the type swaps. (#​6672)
  • Override CocoaPods module to lowercase (#​6464)


  • Remove OSReadLittle* due to alignment requirements. (#​6678)
  • Don't use unions and instead use memcpy for the type swaps. (#​6672)


  • Drop building wheel for python 3.4 (#​6406)
  • Fix binary compatibility in 3.9.0 (delisted) FieldCodec factory methods (#​6380)


  • Optimize and simplify implementation of RepeatedPtrFieldBase
  • Don't create unnecessary unknown field sets.
  • Remove branch from accessors to repeated field element array.
  • Added delimited parse and serialize util.
  • Reduce size by not emitting constants for fieldnumbers
  • Fix a bug when comparing finite and infinite field values with explicit tolerances.
  • TextFormat::Parser should use a custom Finder to look up extensions by number if one is provided.
  • Add MessageLite::Utf8DebugString() to make MessageLite more compatible with Message.
  • Fail fast for better performance in DescriptorPool::FindExtensionByNumber() if descriptor has no defined extensions.
  • Adding the file name to help debug colliding extensions
  • Added FieldDescriptor::PrintableNameForExtension() and DescriptorPool::FindExtensionByPrintableName().
    The latter will replace Reflection::FindKnownExtensionByName().
  • Replace NULL with nullptr
  • Created a new Add method in repeated field that allows adding a range of elements all at once.
  • Enabled enum name-to-value mapping functions for C++ lite
  • Avoid dynamic initialization in descriptor.proto generated code
  • Move stream functions to MessageLite from Message.
  • Move all zero_copy_stream functionality to io_lite.
  • Do not create array of matched fields for simple repeated fields
  • Enabling silent mode by default to reduce make compilation noise. (#​6237)
  • Expose TextFormat.Printer and make it configurable. Deprecate the static methods.
  • Library for constructing google.protobuf.Struct and google.protobuf.Value
  • Make OneofDescriptor extend GenericDescriptor.
  • Expose streamingness of service methods from MethodDescriptor.
  • Fix a bug where TextFormat fails to parse Any filed with > 1 embedded message sub-fields.
  • Establish consistent JsonFormat behavior for nulls in oneofs, regardless of order.
  • Update GSON version to 3.8.5. (#​6268)
  • Add protobuf_java_lite Bazel target. (#​6177)
  • Change implementation of Name() for enums that allow aliases in proto2 in Python
    to be in line with claims in C++ implementation (to return first value).
  • Explicitly say what field cannot be set when the new value fails a type check.
  • Duplicate register in descriptor pool will raise errors
  • Add slots to all well_known_types classes, custom attributes are not allowed anymore.
  • text_format only present 8 valid digits for float fields by default
  • Add Oneof enum to the list of goog.provide
  • Rename get/setXXXValue to get/setXXXWrapper. (#​6295)



  • Use std::atomic in case of myriad2 platform
  • Always declare enums to be int-sized
  • Added DebugString() and ShortDebugString() methods on MessageLite
  • Specialized different parse loop control flows
  • Make hasbits potentially in register. The or's start forming an obstacle because it's a read modify store on the same mem address on each iteration.
  • Move to an internal MACRO for parser validity checks.
  • Improve map parsing performance.
  • Make MergePartialFromCodedStream non virtual. This allows direct calls, potential inlining and is also a code health improvement
  • Add an overall limit to parse_context to prevent reading past it. This allows to remove a annoying level of indirection.
  • Fix a mistake, we shouldn't verify map key/value strings for utf8 in opt mode for proto2.
  • Further improvements to cut binary size.
  • Prepare to make MergePartialFromCodedStream non-virtual.
  • A report on some interesting behavior change in python (caused by b/27494216) made me realize there is a check that needs to be done in case the parse ended on a end group tag.
  • Add a note of caution to the comments around skip in CodedOutputStream.
  • Simplify end check.
  • Add overload for ParseMessage for MessageLite/Message types. If the explicit type is not known inlining won't help de-virtualizing the virtual call.
  • Reduce linker input. It turns out that ParseMessage is not inlined, producing template instantiations that are used only once and save nothing but cost more.
  • Improve the parser.
  • [c++17] Changed proto2::RepeatedPtrField iterators to no longer derive from the deprecated std::iterator class.
  • Change the default value of case_insensitive_enum_parsing to false for JsonStringToMessage.
  • Add a warning if a field name doesn't match the style guide.
  • Fix TextFormat not round-trip correctly when float value is max float.
  • Added locationed info for some errors at compiler
  • Python reserved keywords are now working with getattr()/setattr() for most descriptors.
  • Added AllowUnknownField() in text_format
  • Append '_' to C++ reserved keywords for message, enum, extension
  • Fix MSVC warning C4244 in protobuf's parse_context.h.
  • Updating Iterators to be compatible with C++17 in MSVC.
  • Use capability annotation in mutex.h
  • Fix "UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer: cfi-bad-type"
  • CriticalSectionLock class as a lightweight replacement for std::mutex on Windows platforms.
  • Removed vestigial wire_format_lite_inl.h


  • Added System.Memory dependency.


  • Make Java protoc code generator ignore optimize_for LITE_RUNTIME. Users should instead use the Java lite protoc plugin.
  • Change Extension getMessageDefaultInstance() to return Message instead of MessageLite.
  • Prevent malicious input streams from leaking buffers for ByteString or ByteBuffer parsing.
  • Release new Javalite runtime.
  • Show warning in case potential file name conflict.
  • Allow Java reserved keywords to be used in ext


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