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deps: update dependency to v3.14.0 #86

merged 1 commit into from Jan 12, 2021


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@renovate-bot renovate-bot commented Nov 14, 2020

WhiteSource Renovate

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change (source) minor 3.13.0 -> 3.14.0

Release Notes



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Protocol Compiler
  • The proto compiler no longer requires a .proto filename when it is not
    generating code.
  • Added flag --deterministic_output to protoc --encode=....
  • Fixed deadlock when using google.protobuf.Any embedded in aggregate options.
  • Arenas are now unconditionally enabled. cc_enable_arenas no longer has
    any effect.
  • Removed inlined string support, which is incompatible with arenas.
  • Fix a memory corruption bug in reflection when mixing optional and
    non-optional fields.
  • Make SpaceUsed() calculation more thorough for map fields.
  • Add stack overflow protection for text format with unknown field values.
  • FieldPath::FollowAll() now returns a bool to signal if an out-of-bounds
    error was encountered.
  • Performance improvements for Map.
  • Minor formatting fix when dumping a descriptor to .proto format with
  • UBSAN fix in RepeatedField (#​2073).
  • When running under ASAN, skip a test that makes huge allocations.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when creating more than 256 extensions in
    a single message.
  • Fix a crash in BuildFile when passing in invalid descriptor proto.
  • Parser security fix when operating with CodedInputStream.
  • Warn against the use of AllowUnknownExtension.
  • Migrated to C++11 for-range loops instead of index-based loops where
    possible. This fixes a lot of warnings when compiling with -Wsign-compare.
  • Fix segment fault for proto3 optional (#​7805)
  • Adds a CMake option to build libprotoc separately (#​7949)
  • Bugfix in mergeFrom() when a oneof has multiple message fields.
  • Fix returning -1 when told to read
    0 bytes when not at EOF.
  • Redefine remove(Object) on primitive repeated field Lists to avoid
  • Support "\u" escapes in textformat string literals.
  • Trailing empty spaces are no longer ignored for FieldMask.
  • Fix FieldMaskUtil.subtract to recursively remove mask.
  • Mark enums with @java.lang.Deprecated if the proto enum has option
    deprecated = true;.
  • Adding forgotten duration.proto to the lite library (#​7738)
  • Print google.protobuf.NullValue as null instead of "NULL_VALUE" when it is
    used outside WKT Value/Struct.
  • Fix bug occurring when attempting to deep copy an enum type in python 3.
  • Add a setuptools extension for generating Python protobufs (#​7783)
  • Remove uses of pkg_resources in non-namespace packages. (#​7902)
  • [bazel/py] Omit google/ from the Protobuf runtime. (#​7908)
  • Removed the unnecessary setuptools package dependency for Python package (#​7511)
  • Fix PyUnknownFields memory leak (#​7928)
  • Added support for "==" to the PHP C extension (#​7883)
  • Added == operators for Map and Array. (#​7900)
  • Native C well-known types (#​7944)
  • Optimized away hex2bin() call in generated code (#​8006)
  • New version of upb, and a new hash function wyhash in third_party. (#​8000)
  • add missing hasOneof method to check presence of oneof fields (#​8003)
  • Update go_package options to reference module.
  • annotate ByteString.CopyFrom(ReadOnlySpan) as SecuritySafeCritical (#​7701)
  • Fix C# optional field reflection when there are regular fields too (#​7705)
  • Fix parsing negative Int32Value that crosses segment boundary (#​8035)
  • JS: parse (un)packed fields conditionally (#​7379)

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@trusted-contributions-gcf trusted-contributions-gcf bot added the kokoro:force-run label Nov 14, 2020
@google-cla google-cla bot added the cla: yes label Nov 14, 2020
@yoshi-kokoro yoshi-kokoro removed the kokoro:force-run label Nov 14, 2020
elharo approved these changes Jan 12, 2021
@elharo elharo merged commit ad85e3a into googleapis:master Jan 12, 2021
16 checks passed
@renovate-bot renovate-bot deleted the renovate/protobuf.version branch Jan 12, 2021
gcf-merge-on-green bot pushed a commit that referenced this issue Feb 24, 2021
🤖 I have created a release \*beep\* \*boop\* 
## [2.1.0]( (2021-02-24)

### Features

* Add `ErrorReason` enum from `google.api.error_reason` for Google API and minor proto updates. ([528a2ae](
* add Interval, Month, PhoneNumber type protos ([#80]( ([696083b](
* Add the `UNORDERED_LIST` enum value for `google.api.field_behavior`. ([#95]( ([51d6ae0](
* Enhance the AttributeContext semantics, and other comments update ([#113]( ([528a2ae](

### Documentation

* changes "may" to preferred "might" ([efb1726](
* regenerate javadocs from protos ([#69]( ([1759fe7](
* update generated logging type javadoc ([#87]( ([9f122e8](
* Update inclusive language in the documentation. Also other latest doc updates. ([#78]( ([fda2e7b](
* Updates "unit" description: changes "KBy" to "kBy" ([#99]( ([efb1726](
* updates an "http" link to "https" ([efb1726](

### Dependencies

* update dependency to v30.1-android ([#96]( ([ad6beb6](
* update dependency to v3.14.0 ([#86]( ([ad85e3a](
* update dependency to v3.15.0 ([#116]( ([8e48b28](
* update dependency to v3.15.2 ([#118]( ([5e7415a](
* update dependency io.grpc:grpc-bom to v1.35.0 ([#93]( ([6243d5b](
* update dependency io.grpc:grpc-bom to v1.36.0 ([#119]( ([9eb9d03](

This PR was generated with [Release Please]( See [documentation](
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