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deps: update dependency to v3.12.0 #218



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@renovate-bot renovate-bot commented May 16, 2020

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change (source) minor 3.11.4 -> 3.12.0

Release Notes



Compare Source

Protocol Compiler

  • [experimental] Singular, non-message typed fields in proto3 now support
    presence tracking. This is enabled by adding the "optional" field label and
    passing the --experimental_allow_proto3_optional flag to protoc.
  • Allow duplicate symbol names when multiple descriptor sets are passed on
    the command-line, to match the behavior when multiple .proto files are passed.
  • Deterministic protoc --descriptor_set_out (#​7175)


  • [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
  • New descriptor APIs to support proto3 presence.
  • Fix for #​7463 in -rc1 (core dump mixing optional and singular fields in proto3)
  • Enable Arenas by default on all .proto files.
  • Documented that users are not allowed to subclass Message or MessageLite.
  • Mark generated classes as final; inheriting from protos is strongly discouraged.
  • Add stack overflow protection for text format with unknown fields.
  • Add accessors for map key and value FieldDescriptors.
  • Add FieldMaskUtil::FromFieldNumbers().
  • MessageDifferencer: use ParsePartial() on Any fields so the diff does not
    fail when there are missing required fields.
  • ReflectionOps::Merge(): lookup messages in the right factory, if it can.
  • Added Descriptor::WellKnownTypes enum and Descriptor::well_known_type()
    accessor as an easier way of determining if a message is a Well-Known Type.
  • Optimized RepeatedField::Add() when it is used in a loop.
  • Made proto move/swap more efficient.
  • De-virtualize the GetArena() method in MessageLite.
  • Improves performance of by factor 1000 (#​7230)
  • bug: #​7076 undefine Windows OUT and OPTIONAL macros (#​7087)
  • Fixed a bug in FieldDescriptor::DebugString() that would erroneously print
    an "optional" label for a field in a oneof.
  • Fix bug in parsing bool extensions that assumed they are always 1 byte.
  • Fix off-by-one error in FieldOptions::ByteSize() when extensions are present.
  • Clarified the comments to show an example of the difference between
    Descriptor::extension and DescriptorPool::FindAllExtensions.
  • Add a compiler option 'code_size' to force optimize_for=code_size on all
    protos where this is possible.


  • [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
  • Fix for #​7480 in -rc1 ("TextFormat and JsonFormat ignore experimental proto3 optional enums")
  • Fix for #​7505 in -rc1 (" toString() returns incorrect ascii when there are duplicate keys in a map")
  • Mark java enum _VALUE constants as @​Deprecated if the enum field is deprecated
  • reduce size for enums with allow_alias set to true.
  • Sort map fields alphabetically by the field's key when printing textproto.
  • TextFormat.merge() handles Any as top level type.
  • Throw a descriptive IllegalArgumentException when calling
    getValueDescriptor() on enum special value UNRECOGNIZED instead of
  • Fixed an issue with JsonFormat.printer() where setting printingEnumsAsInts()
    would override the configuration passed into includingDefaultValueFields().
  • Implement overrides of indexOf() and contains() on primitive lists returned
    for repeated fields to avoid autoboxing the list contents.
  • Add overload to FieldMaskUtil.fromStringList that accepts a descriptor.
  • [bazel] Move Java runtime/toolchains into //java (#​7190)


  • [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
  • [experimental] fast import protobuf module, only works with cpp generated code linked in.
  • Truncate 'float' fields to 4 bytes of precision in setters for pure-Python
    implementation (C++ extension was already doing this).
  • Fixed a memory leak in C++ bindings.
  • Added a deprecation warning when code tries to create Descriptor objects
  • Fix unintended comparison between bytes and string in
  • Avoid printing excess digits for float fields in TextFormat.
  • Remove Python 2.5 syntax compatibility from the proto compiler generated module code.
  • Drop 3.3, 3.4 and use single version docker images for all python tests (#​7396)


  • Fix js message pivot selection (#​6813)


  • Persistent Descriptor Pool (#​6899)
  • Implement lazy loading of php class for proto messages (#​6911)
  • Correct @​return in Any.unpack docblock (#​7089)
  • Ignore unknown enum value when ignore_unknown specified (#​7455)


  • [experimental] Implemented proto3 presence for Ruby. (#​7406)
  • Stop building binary gems for ruby <2.5 (#​7453)
  • Fix for wrappers with a zero value (#​7195)
  • Fix for JSON serialization of 0/empty-valued wrapper types (#​7198)
  • Call "Class#new" over rb_class_new_instance in decoding (#​7352)
  • Build extensions for Ruby 2.7 (#​7027)
  • assigning 'nil' to submessage should clear the field. (#​7397)


  • [experimental] Add support for proto3 presence fields in C# (#​7382)
  • Cleanup various bits of Google.Protobuf (#​6674)
  • Fix conformance test failures for Google.Protobuf (#​6910)
  • Fix latest ArgumentException for C# extensions (#​6938)
  • Remove unnecessary branch from ReadTag (#​7289)
  • Enforce recursion depth checking for unknown fields (#​7132)
  • Mark GetOption API as obsolete and expose the "GetOptions()" method
    on descriptors instead (#​7491)
  • Remove Has/Clear members for C# message fields in proto2 (#​7429)


  • [experimental] ObjC Proto3 optional support (#​7421)
  • Block subclassing of generated classes (#​7124)
  • Use references to Obj C classes instead of names in descriptors. (#​7026)
  • Revisit how the WKTs are bundled with ObjC. (#​7173)


  • Add a proto_lang_toolchain for javalite (#​6882)
  • [bazel] Update gtest and deprecate //external:{gtest,gtest_main} (#​7237)
  • Add application note for explicit presence tracking. (#​7390)
  • Howto doc for implementing proto3 presence in a code generator. (#​7407)

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@codecov codecov bot commented May 18, 2020

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...ud-core/src/main/java/com/google/cloud/ 92.11% <0.00%> (+0.03%) 20.00% <0.00%> (ø%)
...src/main/java/com/google/cloud/ 43.82% <0.00%> (+0.39%) 32.00% <0.00%> (ø%)
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🤖 I have created a release \*beep\* \*boop\* 
### [1.93.5]( (2020-05-26)

### Dependencies

* rely on shared-config for auto-value configuration ([#222]( ([22adbcf](
* update dependency to v1.18.0 ([#215]( ([488a351](
* update dependency to v29 ([#205]( ([48d3f97](
* update dependency to v1.35.0 ([#211]( ([e56b3ef](
* update dependency to v3.12.0 ([#218]( ([b2c6f15](
* update dependency io.grpc:grpc-bom to v1.29.0 ([#209]( ([e63cb7c](
* update dependency org.threeten:threetenbp to v1.4.4 ([#210]( ([a837fa4](

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