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Cloud Functions uses gRPC for the transport layer.

## Java Versions
## Supported Java Versions

Java 7 or above is required for using this client.

Google's Java client libraries,
[Google Cloud Client Libraries][cloudlibs]
[Google Cloud API Libraries][apilibs],
follow the
[Oracle Java SE support roadmap][oracle]
(see the Oracle Java SE Product Releases section).

### For new development

In general, new feature development occurs with support for the lowest Java
LTS version covered by Oracle's Premier Support (which typically lasts 5 years
from initial General Availability). If the minimum required JVM for a given
library is changed, it is accompanied by a [semver][semver] major release.

Java 11 and (in September 2021) Java 17 are the best choices for new

### Keeping production systems current

Google tests its client libraries with all current LTS versions covered by
Oracle's Extended Support (which typically lasts 8 years from initial
General Availability).

#### Legacy support

Google's client libraries support legacy versions of Java runtimes with long
term stable libraries that don't receive feature updates on a best efforts basis
as it may not be possible to backport all patches.

Google provides updates on a best efforts basis to apps that continue to use
Java 7, though apps might need to upgrade to current versions of the library
that supports their JVM.

#### Where to find specific information

The latest versions and the supported Java versions are identified on
the individual GitHub repository ``
and on [google-cloud-java][g-c-j].

## Versioning

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