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docs(fix): update client documentation link (#192)
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kolea2 committed May 20, 2020
1 parent 2be7d6a commit e6f053399c45d02c7d641c4b2a84bff96b634e34
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
"name_pretty": "Cloud Pub/Sub",
"api_reference": "",
"product_documentation": "",
"client_documentation": "",
"client_documentation": "",
"api_description": "is designed to provide reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging between applications. Publisher applications can send messages to a topic and other applications can subscribe to that topic to receive the messages. By decoupling senders and receivers, Google Cloud Pub/Sub allows developers to communicate between independently written applications.",
"issue_tracker": "",
"release_level": "ga",

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