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feat: promote to 1.0.0 (#764)
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Co-authored-by: Manu Menzella <>
Co-authored-by: Tianzi Cai <>
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3 people committed Jul 29, 2021
1 parent cd4201f commit 2d37abe
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2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion .repo-metadata.json
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"product_documentation": "",
"api_description": "is designed to provide reliable,\nmany-to-many, asynchronous messaging between applications. Publisher\napplications can send messages to a topic and other applications can\nsubscribe to that topic to receive the messages. By decoupling senders and\nreceivers, Google Cloud Pub/Sub allows developers to communicate between\nindependently written applications.\n\nCompared to Google Pub/Sub, Pub/Sub Lite provides partitioned zonal data\nstorage with predefined capacity. Both products present a similar API, but\nPub/Sub Lite has more usage caveats.\n\nSee the [Google Pub/Sub Lite docs]( for more details on how to activate\nPub/Sub Lite for your project, as well as guidance on how to choose between\nCloud Pub/Sub and Pub/Sub Lite.",
"client_documentation": "",
"release_level": "beta",
"release_level": "ga",
"transport": "grpc",
"requires_billing": true,
"language": "java",
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