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deps: update dependency io.grpc:grpc-bom to v1.31.1 (#124)
This PR contains the following updates:

| Package | Update | Change |
| [io.grpc:grpc-bom]( | patch | `1.31.0` -> `1.31.1` |


### Release Notes


### [`v1.31.1`](

[Compare Source](

Bug Fixes:

-   netty: The environment variable `GRPC_EXPERIMENTAL_AUTOFLOWCONTROL=false` will now disable the BDP monitoring introduced in v1.30.0. This is intended to help diagnose a “too_many_pings” compatibility issue and will be removed once it is resolved. If you need to use the variable, \_please_ file an issue
-   examples: some gRPC artifacts are missing in JCenter causing Android examples to sometimes fail to build. Now we are adding mavenCentral as fallback for the Android examples. See [#&#8203;5782](
-   xds: meshCA protocol buffers added in v1.31.0 are now properly shaded in an internal package
-   xds: fixed some internal breakage for traffic splitting



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