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docs: document retry settings in sample (#1214)
* docs: document retry settings in sample

* fix: change timeout values back to match doc
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olavloite committed May 26, 2021
1 parent c99e0d2 commit ab4592d6f5040d0125b2848369c516d01fd38106
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@@ -53,14 +53,23 @@ static void executeSqlWithCustomTimeoutAndRetrySettings(
// Configure retry delay settings.
// The initial amount of time to wait before retrying the request.
// The maximum amount of time to wait before retrying. I.e. after this value is
// reached, the wait time will not increase further by the multiplier.
// The previous wait time is multiplied by this multiplier to come up with the next
// wait time, until the max is reached.

// Configure RPC and total timeout settings.
// Timeout for the first RPC call. Subsequent retries will be based off this value.
// The max for the per RPC timeout.
// Controls the change of timeout for each retry.
// The timeout for all calls (first call + all retries).
// Create a Spanner client using the custom retry and timeout settings.

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