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Node.js client for Google Cloud Bigtable: Google's NoSQL Big Data database service.
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Cloud Bigtable: Node.js Client

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Cloud Bigtable Client Library for Node.js

Read more about the client libraries for Cloud APIs, including the older Google APIs Client Libraries, in Client Libraries Explained.

Table of contents:


Before you begin

  1. Select or create a Cloud Platform project.
  2. Enable billing for your project.
  3. Enable the Cloud Bigtable API.
  4. Set up authentication with a service account so you can access the API from your local workstation.

Installing the client library

npm install @google-cloud/bigtable

Using the client library

  // Imports the Google Cloud client library
  const Bigtable = require('@google-cloud/bigtable');

  const bigtable = Bigtable();

  async function quickstart() {
    // Connect to an existing instance:my-bigtable-instance
    const instance = bigtable.instance(INSTANCE_ID);

    // Connect to an existing table:my-table
    const table = instance.table(TABLE_ID);

    // Read a row from my-table using a row key
    const [singleRow] = await table.row('r1').get();

    // Print the row key and data (column value, labels, timestamp)
    const rowData = JSON.stringify(, null, 4);
    console.log(`Row key: ${}\nData: ${rowData}`);


Samples are in the samples/ directory. The samples' has instructions for running the samples.

Sample Source Code Try it
Instances source code Open in Cloud Shell
Quickstart source code Open in Cloud Shell
Tableadmin source code Open in Cloud Shell
Write Batch source code Open in Cloud Shell
Write Conditionally source code Open in Cloud Shell
Write Increment source code Open in Cloud Shell
Simple Insert source code Open in Cloud Shell

The Cloud Bigtable Node.js Client API Reference documentation also contains samples.


This library follows Semantic Versioning.

This library is considered to be General Availability (GA). This means it is stable; the code surface will not change in backwards-incompatible ways unless absolutely necessary (e.g. because of critical security issues) or with an extensive deprecation period. Issues and requests against GA libraries are addressed with the highest priority.

More Information: Google Cloud Platform Launch Stages


Contributions welcome! See the Contributing Guide.


Apache Version 2.0


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