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@yoshi-automation yoshi-automation released this 16 Jan 23:16

01-16-2019 13:14 PST

BREAKING: The timestampsInSnapshots default has changed to true.

The timestampsInSnapshots setting is now enabled by default so timestamp
fields read from a DocumentSnapshot will be returned as Timestamp objects
instead of Date. Any code expecting to receive a Date object must be

DEPRECATED: Firestore.v1beta1 replaced by Firestore.v1

If you are currently using Firestore.v1beta1.FirestoreClient, you must switch
to Firestore.v1.FirestoreClient. No other changes should be required as the
API is 100% identical.

Bug Fixes

  • fix: getAll function signature to allow array destructuring (#515)
  • fix: update grpc retry config (#464)

New Features

  • feat: update to v1 protos (#516)
  • feat: add additional field transform types (#521)


  • fix(deps): update dependency google-gax to ^0.23.0 (#518)


  • fix(docs): remove unused long running operations types
  • docs: elaborate on QuerySnapshot.forEach (#480)
  • docs: update doc writetime (#475)
  • docs: Fix example for writeTime (#474)
  • chore: update license file (#473)
  • docs: update readme badges (#470)

Internal / Testing Changes

  • build: check broken links in generated docs (#511)
  • chore(build): inject yoshi automation key (#492)
  • chore: update nyc and eslint configs (#491)
  • chore: fix permission +x (#489)
  • fix(build): fix Kokoro release script (#488)
  • build: add Kokoro configs for autorelease (#487)
  • chore: add synth.metadata (#485)
  • chore: always nyc report before calling codecov (#482)
  • chore: nyc ignore build/test by default (#479)
  • chore(build): update the prettier config (#476)
  • chore(deps): update dependency typescript to ~3.2.0 (#467)
  • fix(build): fix system key decryption (#468)
  • Adding array-contains to error message (#465)