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docs: add note about Arrow blocks to README (#73)
Suggest Arrow as prefered data format when downloading to a pandas dataframe, as this is several times faster.

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tswast committed Jan 14, 2021
1 parent 3518624 commit d9691f1714bf34b3119d4e457293a723c2fb9120
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@@ -86,15 +86,21 @@ Optional Dependencies
Several features of ``google-cloud-bigquery-storage`` require additional

* Parse Arrow blocks in a ``read_rows()`` stream using `pyarrow

``pip install 'google-cloud-bigquery-storage[pyarrow]'``

* Parse Avro blocks in a ``read_rows()`` stream using `fastavro

``pip install google-cloud-bigquery-storage[fastavro]``

* Write rows to a `pandas <>`_
* Download rows to a `pandas <>`_

``pip install google-cloud-bigquery-storage[pandas,fastavro]``
``pip install 'google-cloud-bigquery-storage[pandas,pyarrow]'``

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