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feat: add HOUR support for time partitioning interval (#91)
* feat: add HOUR support for time partitioning interval
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shollyman committed May 14, 2020
1 parent 834e2c0 commit 0dd90b9
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@@ -583,8 +583,6 @@ def partitioning_type(self):
"""Union[str, None]: Time partitioning of the table if it is
partitioned (Defaults to :data:`None`).
The only partitioning type that is currently supported is
"This method will be deprecated in future versions. Please use "
@@ -1980,6 +1978,9 @@ class TimePartitioningType(object):
"""str: Generates one partition per day."""

"""str: Generates one partition per hour."""

class TimePartitioning(object):
"""Configures time-based partitioning for a table.
@@ -1024,11 +1024,11 @@ def test_time_partitioning_setter(self):
dataset = DatasetReference(self.PROJECT, self.DS_ID)
table_ref = dataset.table(self.TABLE_NAME)
table = self._make_one(table_ref)
time_partitioning = TimePartitioning(type_=TimePartitioningType.DAY)
time_partitioning = TimePartitioning(type_=TimePartitioningType.HOUR)

table.time_partitioning = time_partitioning

self.assertEqual(table.time_partitioning.type_, TimePartitioningType.DAY)
self.assertEqual(table.time_partitioning.type_, TimePartitioningType.HOUR)
# Both objects point to the same properties dict
table._properties["timePartitioning"], time_partitioning._properties

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