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fix(dbapi): avoid running % format with no query parameters (#348)
* fix: aviod running %format when no query params

* fix: nit

* fix: change in unit test
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HemangChothani committed Oct 29, 2020
1 parent e51fd45 commit 5dd1a5e
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@@ -441,7 +441,7 @@ def _format_operation(operation, parameters=None):
if a parameter used in the operation is not found in the
``parameters`` argument.
if parameters is None:
if parameters is None or len(parameters) == 0:
return operation

if isinstance(parameters, collections_abc.Mapping):
@@ -601,3 +601,9 @@ def test__format_operation_w_too_short_sequence(self):
"SELECT %s, %s;",

def test__format_operation_w_empty_dict(self):
from import cursor

formatted_operation = cursor._format_operation("SELECT '%f'", {})
self.assertEqual(formatted_operation, "SELECT '%f'")

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