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feat: add with_name() to ScalarQueryParameterType (#644)
* feat: add with_name() to ScalarQueryParameterType

* Clarify unsetting a name, add extra test
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plamut committed May 5, 2021
1 parent be3c49a commit 6cc6876
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@

from collections import OrderedDict
import copy
from typing import Union

from import _parse_schema_resource
from import _rows_from_json
@@ -119,6 +120,20 @@ def to_api_repr(self):
# attributes in the API representation when needed. Here we omit them.
return {"type": self._type}

def with_name(self, new_name: Union[str, None]):
"""Return a copy of the instance with ``name`` set to ``new_name``.
name (Union[str, None]):
The new name of the query parameter type. If ``None``, the existing
name is cleared.
A new instance with updated name.
return type(self)(self._type, name=new_name, description=self.description)

def __repr__(self):
name = f", name={!r}" if is not None else ""
description = (
@@ -98,6 +98,26 @@ def test_repr_all_optional_attrs(self):
"ScalarQueryParameterType('BYTES', name='foo', description='this is foo')",

def test_with_name_returns_copy_w_changed_name(self):
param_type = self._make_one("BOOLEAN", name=None, description="Some checkbox.")
modified_type = param_type.with_name("allow_emails")

self.assertIsNot(modified_type, param_type) # Result is a copy.
self.assertEqual(, "allow_emails")

# The rest of the The rest of the fields should have been preserved.
self.assertEqual(modified_type._type, param_type._type)
self.assertEqual(modified_type.description, param_type.description)

def test_with_name_clearing_the_value(self):
param_type = self._make_one(
"BOOLEAN", name="allow_emails", description="Some checkbox."
modified_type = param_type.with_name(None)

self.assertEqual(, "allow_emails") # original unchanged

class Test_ArrayQueryParameterType(unittest.TestCase):

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