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fix: insert_rows() accepts float column values as strings again (#824)
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plamut committed Jul 28, 2021
1 parent 42b66d3 commit d9378af
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@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
import decimal
import math
import re
from typing import Union

from import UTC
from import _date_from_iso8601_date
@@ -338,14 +339,15 @@ def _int_to_json(value):
return value

def _float_to_json(value):
def _float_to_json(value) -> Union[None, str, float]:
"""Coerce 'value' to an JSON-compatible representation."""
if value is None:
return None
elif math.isnan(value) or math.isinf(value):
return str(value)
return float(value)

if isinstance(value, str):
value = float(value)

return str(value) if (math.isnan(value) or math.isinf(value)) else float(value)

def _decimal_to_json(value):
@@ -690,21 +690,45 @@ def _call_fut(self, value):
def test_w_none(self):
self.assertEqual(self._call_fut(None), None)

def test_w_non_numeric(self):
with self.assertRaises(TypeError):

def test_w_integer(self):
result = self._call_fut(123)
self.assertIsInstance(result, float)
self.assertEqual(result, 123.0)

def test_w_float(self):
self.assertEqual(self._call_fut(1.23), 1.23)

def test_w_float_as_string(self):
self.assertEqual(self._call_fut("1.23"), 1.23)

def test_w_nan(self):
result = self._call_fut(float("nan"))
self.assertEqual(result.lower(), "nan")

def test_w_nan_as_string(self):
result = self._call_fut("NaN")
self.assertEqual(result.lower(), "nan")

def test_w_infinity(self):
result = self._call_fut(float("inf"))
self.assertEqual(result.lower(), "inf")

def test_w_infinity_as_string(self):
result = self._call_fut("inf")
self.assertEqual(result.lower(), "inf")

def test_w_negative_infinity(self):
result = self._call_fut(float("-inf"))
self.assertEqual(result.lower(), "-inf")

def test_w_negative_infinity_as_string(self):
result = self._call_fut("-inf")
self.assertEqual(result.lower(), "-inf")

class Test_decimal_to_json(unittest.TestCase):
def _call_fut(self, value):

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