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@@ -79,34 +79,11 @@ Windows
<your-env>\Scripts\pip.exe install google-cloud-dataproc

Example Usage

.. code:: py
from import dataproc_v1
client = dataproc_v1.ClusterControllerClient()
project_id = ''
region = ''
# Iterate over all results
for element in client.list_clusters(project_id, region):
# process element
# Or iterate over results one page at a time
for page in client.list_clusters(project_id, region).pages:
for element in page:
# process element

Next Steps

- Read the `Client Library Documentation`_ for Google Cloud Dataproc API
API to see other available methods on the client.
- Read the `Product documentation`_ to learn more about the product and see
How-to Guides.
How-to Guides.

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