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feat(datastore): add missing method for system test with emulator (#19)
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Co-authored-by: Christopher Wilcox <>
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HemangChothani and crwilcox committed Apr 7, 2020
1 parent c25e5ed commit bf8b897
Showing 1 changed file with 7 additions and 0 deletions.
7 changes: 7 additions & 0 deletions tests/system/utils/
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Expand Up @@ -80,6 +80,13 @@ def remove_kind(kind, client):
delete_chunks(client, results)

def remove_all_entities(client):
query = client.query()
results = list(query.fetch())
keys = [entity.key for entity in results]

def main():
client = datastore.Client()
kinds = sys.argv[1:]
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