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fix: use correct retry deadlines #81

merged 45 commits into from Apr 2, 2021

fix: use correct retry deadlines #81

merged 45 commits into from Apr 2, 2021


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@yoshi-automation yoshi-automation commented Mar 24, 2021

feat: add from_service_account_info

        autosynth cannot find the source of changes triggered by earlier changes in this
        repository, or by version upgrades to tools such as linters.
Originally tested at:

This change will fix the missing docstring in the yaml files.

Source-Author: Takashi Matsuo <>
Source-Date: Thu Sep 10 04:12:14 2020 +0000
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: ffcee7952b74f647cbb3ef021d95422f10816fca
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@ffcee79
* build(python): use release-publish app for notifying GitHub of release status

* fix: re-add pypi password

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Wed Sep 16 08:46:42 2020 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 257fda18168bedb76985024bd198ed1725485488
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@257fda1
Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Wed Sep 16 10:24:40 2020 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: dba48bb9bc6959c232bec9150ac6313b608fe7bd
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@dba48bb
Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Mon Sep 21 13:09:57 2020 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 27f4406999b1eee29e04b09b2423a8e4646c7e24
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@27f4406
`pip install -e .` is supported and is how we install the library for tests.

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Tue Sep 22 12:06:12 2020 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: a651c5fb763c69a921aecdd3e1d8dc51dbf20f8d
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@a651c5f

`BUILD_SPECIFIC_GCLOUD_PROJECT` is an alternate project used for sample tests that do poorly with concurrent runs on the same project.

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Wed Sep 30 13:06:03 2020 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 9b0da5204ab90bcc36f8cd4e5689eff1a54cc3e4
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@9b0da52
Closes #792

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Fri Oct 9 15:06:33 2020 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: e0ae456852bf22f38796deb79cff30b516fde244
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@e0ae456
Source-Author: Daniel Sanche <>
Source-Date: Wed Oct 14 08:00:06 2020 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 477764cc4ee6db346d3febef2bb1ea0abf27de52
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@477764c
Source-Author: Takashi Matsuo <>
Source-Date: Fri Oct 16 09:58:05 2020 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: da5c6050d13b4950c82666a81d8acd25157664ae
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@da5c605
Source-Author: Christopher Wilcox <>
Source-Date: Thu Oct 22 14:22:01 2020 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 5f6ef0ec5501d33c4667885b37a7685a30d41a76
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@5f6ef0e
Source-Author: Tim Swast <>
Source-Date: Tue Oct 27 12:01:14 2020 -0500
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: ea52b8a0bd560f72f376efcf45197fb7c8869120
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@ea52b8a
I recently submitted, allowing external dependencies for unit tests. This fixes a small missing comma bug

Source-Author: Daniel Sanche <>
Source-Date: Thu Oct 29 16:58:01 2020 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 6542bd723403513626f61642fc02ddca528409aa
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@6542bd7
Source-Author: Leah E. Cole <>
Source-Date: Wed Nov 4 17:36:32 2020 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 3d3e94c4e02370f307a9a200b0c743c3d8d19f29
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@3d3e94c
Source-Author: Leah E. Cole <>
Source-Date: Thu Nov 5 15:22:03 2020 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 1f1148d3c7a7a52f0c98077f976bd9b3c948ee2b
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@1f1148d
Source-Author: Leah E. Cole <>
Source-Date: Thu Nov 12 11:30:49 2020 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: e89175cf074dccc4babb4eca66ae913696e47a71
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@e89175c
* docs(python): update intersphinx for grpc and auth

* use https for python intersphinx

Co-authored-by: Tim Swast <>

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Wed Nov 18 14:37:25 2020 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 9a7d9fbb7045c34c9d3d22c1ff766eeae51f04c9
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@9a7d9fb
Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Thu Nov 19 10:16:05 2020 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: a073c873f3928c561bdf87fdfbf1d081d1998984
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@a073c87
Source-Author: Tres Seaver <>
Source-Date: Tue Dec 1 16:01:20 2020 -0500
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 32af6da519a6b042e3da62008e2a75e991efb6b4
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@32af6da
Source-Author: WhiteSource Renovate <>
Source-Date: Wed Dec 2 17:18:24 2020 +0100
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 69629b64b83c6421d616be2b8e11795738ec8a6c
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@69629b6

The pytest-cov docs seem to suggest a filesystem path is expected.

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Wed Dec 2 09:28:04 2020 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: f94318521f63085b9ccb43d42af89f153fb39f15
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@f943185
* Update

add changes from @glasnt to the template template to ensure that enforcing type hinting doesn't fail for repos with the sample noxfile (aka all samples repos)
See for context

* fix typo

Source-Author: Leah E. Cole <>
Source-Date: Thu Dec 3 13:44:30 2020 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 18c5dbdb4ac8cf75d4d8174e7b4558f48e76f8a1
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@18c5dbd
Co-authored-by: Tres Seaver <>

Source-Author: WhiteSource Renovate <>
Source-Date: Wed Dec 16 18:13:24 2020 +0100
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: aa255b15d52b6d8950cca48cfdf58f7d27a60c8a
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@aa255b1
Closes #787

Source-Author: Tres Seaver <>
Source-Date: Thu Dec 17 16:08:02 2020 -0500
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: b670a77a454f415d247907908e8ee7943e06d718
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@b670a77
The samples tests create `.nox` directories
with all dependencies installed. These directories
should be excluded from linting.

I've tested this change locally, and it significantly
speeds up linting on my machine.

Source-Author: Tim Swast <>
Source-Date: Tue Dec 22 13:04:04 2020 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 373861061648b5fe5e0ac4f8a38b32d639ee93e4
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@3738610
Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Thu Jan 7 11:58:32 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: f15b57ccfd71106c2299e9b89835fe6e55015662
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@f15b57c
Co-authored-by: Tim Swast <>

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Thu Jan 7 13:05:12 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 41a4e56982620d3edcf110d76f4fcdfdec471ac8
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@41a4e56
* chore(python): skip docfx in main presubmit

* fix: properly template the repo name

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Fri Jan 8 10:32:13 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: fb53b6fb373b7c3edf4e55f3e8036bc6d73fa483
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@fb53b6f
Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Mon Jan 11 09:43:06 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 16ec872dd898d7de6e1822badfac32484b5d9031
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@16ec872
Since the python-docs-samples noxfile-template doesn't sync with this, I wanted to make sure the noxfile template matched the most recent change [here](

cc @tmatsuo

Source-Author: Leah E. Cole <>
Source-Date: Fri Jan 15 17:24:05 2021 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 56ddc68f36b32341e9f22c2c59b4ce6aa3ba635f
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@56ddc68
I added this accidentally in #889. `NOX_SESSION` should be passed down if it is set but not marked required.

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Tue Jan 19 09:38:04 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: ba960d730416fe05c50547e975ce79fcee52c671
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@ba960d7
Now that we have it working in [python-docs-samples]( we should consider adding it to the 🐍 libraries :)

Source-Author: Leah E. Cole <>
Source-Date: Mon Jan 25 13:24:08 2021 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 573f7655311b553a937f9123bee17bf78497db95
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@573f765
Also, add tests for some noxfile parameters for assurance that the
template generates valid Python.

Co-authored-by: Jeffrey Rennie <>

Source-Author: Tim Swast <>
Source-Date: Tue Jan 26 12:26:57 2021 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 778d8beae28d6d87eb01fdc839a4b4d966ed2ebe
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@778d8be
Source-Author: Justin Beckwith <>
Source-Date: Thu Jan 28 22:22:38 2021 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: d1bb9173100f62c0cfc8f3138b62241e7f47ca6a
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@d1bb917
A py.typed file must be included in the released package for it to be considered typed by type checkers. See googleapis/python-secret-manager#79

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Fri Feb 5 17:32:06 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 33366574ffb9e11737b3547eb6f020ecae0536e8
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@3336657
Adds details about blacken, updates version for system tests,
and shows how to pass through pytest arguments.

Source-Author: Chris Cotter <>
Source-Date: Mon Feb 8 17:13:36 2021 -0500
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 4679e7e415221f03ff2a71e3ffad75b9ec41d87e
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@4679e7e
Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Wed Feb 17 14:10:46 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: d17674372e27fb8f23013935e794aa37502071aa
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@d176743
Source-Author: arithmetic1728 <>
Source-Date: Tue Mar 2 12:27:56 2021 -0800
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 0780323da96d5a53925fe0547757181fe76e8f1e
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@0780323
Disable renovate PRs on the .pre-commit-config.yaml which is templated from synthtool.

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Mon Mar 15 09:05:39 2021 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 2c54c473779ea731128cea61a3a6c975a08a5378
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@2c54c47
Nox's default behavior is to quietly skip if a python interpreter is missing.

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Tue Mar 16 13:38:02 2021 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: eda422b90c3dde4a872a13e6b78a8f802c40d0db
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@eda422b
This change should be non-destructive.

Note for library repo maintainers:
After applying this change, you can easily add (or change) periodic
builds against head by adding config files in google3.

See python-pubsub repo for example.

Source-Author: Takashi Matsuo <>
Source-Date: Fri Mar 19 11:17:59 2021 -0700
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 79c8dd7ee768292f933012d3a69a5b4676404cda
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@79c8dd7
[![WhiteSource Renovate](](

This PR contains the following updates:

| Package | Type | Update | Change |
| [pycqa/flake8]( | repository | minor | `3.8.4` -> `3.9.0` |


### Release Notes


### [`v3.9.0`](

[Compare Source](



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🚦 **Automerge**: Disabled by config. Please merge this manually once you are satisfied.

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This PR has been generated by [WhiteSource Renovate]( View repository job log [here](

Source-Author: WhiteSource Renovate <>
Source-Date: Tue Mar 23 17:38:03 2021 +0100
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: f5c5904fb0c6aa3b3730eadf4e5a4485afc65726
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@f5c5904
Use a constraints file when installing dependencies for system and unit tests nox sessions.
> Constraints files are requirements files that **only control which version of a requirement is installed, not whether it is installed or not**. Their syntax and contents is nearly identical to Requirements Files. There is one key difference: Including a package in a constraints file does not trigger installation of the package.

├── constraints-3.10.txt
├── constraints-3.11.txt
├── constraints-3.6.txt
├── constraints-3.7.txt
├── constraints-3.8.txt
└── constraints-3.9.txt

Going forward, one constraints file (currently 3.6) will be populated with every library requirement and extra listed in the ``. The constraints file will pin each requirement to the lower bound. This ensures that library maintainers will see test failures if they forget to update a lower bound on a dependency.

See googleapis/python-bigquery#263 for an example

Source-Author: Bu Sun Kim <>
Source-Date: Tue Mar 23 10:52:02 2021 -0600
Source-Repo: googleapis/synthtool
Source-Sha: 86ed43d4f56e6404d068e62e497029018879c771
Source-Link: googleapis/synthtool@86ed43d
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@busunkim96 busunkim96 changed the title [CHANGE ME] Re-generated to pick up changes from synthtool. fix: use correct retry deadlines Apr 2, 2021
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