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docs: add initialization of LogEntry instance in the v2 example (#46)
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Fixes #44
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ymotongpoo committed Jul 1, 2020
1 parent c5c3c15 commit 251ac9355b192121572552c1c9cfd4df94a42802
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@@ -80,9 +80,31 @@ Using the API
.. code:: python
from import logging_v2
client = logging_v2.LoggingServiceV2Client()
entries = []
resource = {
"type": "global",
"labels": {
"project_id": "[PROJECT_ID]"
Log entries can be either LogEntry or dict.
You can describe the same data in the following format:
e = {
"log_name": "projects/[PROJECT_ID]/logs/test-logging",
"resource": resource,
"text_payload": "this is a log statement",
e = logging_v2.types.LogEntry(
log_name="projects/[PROJECT_ID]/logs/test-logging", # optional
resource=resource, # optional
text_payload="this is a log statement")
entries = [e]
response = client.write_log_entries(entries)
.. code:: python

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