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feat: add flow control for message publishing (#96)
* feat: add publish flow control settings

* Add flow control logic to publisher client

* Add flow control support for multiple add() threads

* Raise publish flow control errors through futures

* Include load info in debug log messages

* Remove incorrect comment in a test

* Remove comment about an error not directly raised

* Remove redundant check for reservation exsistence

* Change exception for publishing too large a message

* Add internal sanity check for byte reservations

* Reword the docstring on flow control limits error
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plamut committed Jun 2, 2020
1 parent cf9e87c commit 06085c4
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Showing 6 changed files with 837 additions and 23 deletions.
25 changes: 24 additions & 1 deletion google/cloud/pubsub_v1/publisher/
Expand Up @@ -31,9 +31,12 @@
from import types
from import publisher_client
from import publisher_grpc_transport
from import exceptions
from import futures
from import thread
from import ordered_sequencer
from import unordered_sequencer
from import FlowController

__version__ = pkg_resources.get_distribution("google-cloud-pubsub").version

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -93,7 +96,11 @@ class Client(object):
# Optional
publisher_options = pubsub_v1.types.PublisherOptions(
# Optional
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -198,6 +205,9 @@ def __init__(self, batch_settings=(), publisher_options=(), **kwargs):
# Thread created to commit all sequencers after a timeout.
self._commit_thread = None

# The object controlling the message publishing flow
self._flow_controller = FlowController(self.publisher_options.flow_control)

def from_service_account_file(cls, filename, batch_settings=(), **kwargs):
"""Creates an instance of this client using the provided credentials
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -364,6 +374,18 @@ def publish(self, topic, data, ordering_key="", **attrs):
data=data, ordering_key=ordering_key, attributes=attrs

# Messages should go through flow control to prevent excessive
# queuing on the client side (depending on the settings).
except exceptions.FlowControlLimitError as exc:
future = futures.Future()
return future

def on_publish_done(future):

with self._batch_lock:
if self._is_stopped:
raise RuntimeError("Cannot publish on a stopped publisher.")
Expand All @@ -372,6 +394,7 @@ def publish(self, topic, data, ordering_key="", **attrs):

# Delegate the publishing to the sequencer.
future = sequencer.publish(message)

# Create a timer thread if necessary to enforce the batching
# timeout.
Expand Down
5 changes: 5 additions & 0 deletions google/cloud/pubsub_v1/publisher/
Expand Up @@ -38,7 +38,12 @@ def __init__(self, ordering_key):
super(PublishToPausedOrderingKeyException, self).__init__()

class FlowControlLimitError(Exception):
"""An action resulted in exceeding the flow control limits."""

__all__ = (
Expand Down
297 changes: 297 additions & 0 deletions google/cloud/pubsub_v1/publisher/
@@ -0,0 +1,297 @@
# Copyright 2020, Google LLC All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

from collections import deque
import logging
import threading
import warnings

from import types
from import exceptions

_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class _QuantityReservation(object):
"""A (partial) reservation of a quantifiable resource."""

def __init__(self, reserved, needed):
self.reserved = reserved
self.needed = needed

class FlowController(object):
"""A class used to control the flow of messages passing through it.
settings (
Desired flow control configuration.

def __init__(self, settings):
self._settings = settings

# Load statistics. They represent the number of messages added, but not
# yet released (and their total size).
self._message_count = 0
self._total_bytes = 0

# A FIFO queue of threads blocked on adding a message, from first to last.
# Only relevant if the configured limit exceeded behavior is BLOCK.
self._waiting = deque()

# Reservations of available flow control bytes by the waiting threads.
# Each value is a _QuantityReservation instance.
self._byte_reservations = dict()
self._reserved_bytes = 0

# The lock is used to protect all internal state (message and byte count,
# waiting threads to add, etc.).
self._operational_lock = threading.Lock()

# The condition for blocking the flow if capacity is exceeded.
self._has_capacity = threading.Condition(lock=self._operational_lock)

def add(self, message):
"""Add a message to flow control.
Adding a message updates the internal load statistics, and an action is
taken if these limits are exceeded (depending on the flow control settings).
message (:class:``):
The message entering the flow control.
Raised when the desired action is
:attr:`` and
the message would exceed flow control limits, or when the desired action
is :attr:`` and
the message would block forever against the flow control limits.
if self._settings.limit_exceeded_behavior == types.LimitExceededBehavior.IGNORE:

with self._operational_lock:
if not self._would_overflow(message):
self._message_count += 1
self._total_bytes += message.ByteSize()

# Adding a message would overflow, react.
if (
== types.LimitExceededBehavior.ERROR
# Raising an error means rejecting a message, thus we do not
# add anything to the existing load, but we do report the would-be
# load if we accepted the message.
load_info = self._load_info(
message_count=self._message_count + 1,
total_bytes=self._total_bytes + message.ByteSize(),
error_msg = "Flow control limits would be exceeded - {}.".format(
raise exceptions.FlowControlLimitError(error_msg)

assert (
== types.LimitExceededBehavior.BLOCK

# Sanity check - if a message exceeds total flow control limits all
# by itself, it would block forever, thus raise error.
if (
message.ByteSize() > self._settings.byte_limit
or self._settings.message_limit < 1
load_info = self._load_info(
message_count=1, total_bytes=message.ByteSize()
error_msg = (
"Total flow control limits too low for the message, "
"would block forever - {}.".format(load_info)
raise exceptions.FlowControlLimitError(error_msg)

current_thread = threading.current_thread()

while self._would_overflow(message):
if current_thread not in self._byte_reservations:
self._byte_reservations[current_thread] = _QuantityReservation(
reserved=0, needed=message.ByteSize()

"Blocking until there is enough free capacity in the flow - "


"Woke up from waiting on free capacity in the flow - "

# Message accepted, increase the load and remove thread stats.
self._message_count += 1
self._total_bytes += message.ByteSize()
self._reserved_bytes -= self._byte_reservations[current_thread].reserved
del self._byte_reservations[current_thread]

def release(self, message):
"""Release a mesage from flow control.
message (:class:``):
The message entering the flow control.
if self._settings.limit_exceeded_behavior == types.LimitExceededBehavior.IGNORE:

with self._operational_lock:
# Releasing a message decreases the load.
self._message_count -= 1
self._total_bytes -= message.ByteSize()

if self._message_count < 0 or self._total_bytes < 0:
"Releasing a message that was never added or already released.",
self._message_count = max(0, self._message_count)
self._total_bytes = max(0, self._total_bytes)


# If at least one thread waiting to add() can be unblocked, wake them up.
if self._ready_to_unblock():
_LOGGER.debug("Notifying threads waiting to add messages to flow.")

def _distribute_available_bytes(self):
"""Distribute availalbe free capacity among the waiting threads in FIFO order.
The method assumes that the caller has obtained ``_operational_lock``.
available = self._settings.byte_limit - self._total_bytes - self._reserved_bytes

for thread in self._waiting:
if available <= 0:

reservation = self._byte_reservations[thread]
still_needed = reservation.needed - reservation.reserved

# Sanity check for any internal inconsistencies.
if still_needed < 0:
msg = "Too many bytes reserved: {} / {}".format(
reservation.reserved, reservation.needed
warnings.warn(msg, category=RuntimeWarning)
still_needed = 0

can_give = min(still_needed, available)
reservation.reserved += can_give
self._reserved_bytes += can_give
available -= can_give

def _ready_to_unblock(self):
"""Determine if any of the threads waiting to add a message can proceed.
The method assumes that the caller has obtained ``_operational_lock``.
if self._waiting:
# It's enough to only check the head of the queue, because FIFO
# distribution of any free capacity.
reservation = self._byte_reservations[self._waiting[0]]
return (
reservation.reserved >= reservation.needed
and self._message_count < self._settings.message_limit

return False

def _would_overflow(self, message):
"""Determine if accepting a message would exceed flow control limits.
The method assumes that the caller has obtained ``_operational_lock``.
message (:class:``):
The message entering the flow control.
reservation = self._byte_reservations.get(threading.current_thread())

if reservation:
enough_reserved = reservation.reserved >= reservation.needed
enough_reserved = False

bytes_taken = self._total_bytes + self._reserved_bytes + message.ByteSize()
size_overflow = bytes_taken > self._settings.byte_limit and not enough_reserved
msg_count_overflow = self._message_count + 1 > self._settings.message_limit

return size_overflow or msg_count_overflow

def _load_info(self, message_count=None, total_bytes=None, reserved_bytes=None):
"""Return the current flow control load information.
The caller can optionally adjust some of the values to fit its reporting
The method assumes that the caller has obtained ``_operational_lock``.
message_count (Optional[int]):
The value to override the current message count with.
total_bytes (Optional[int]):
The value to override the current total bytes with.
reserved_bytes (Optional[int]):
The value to override the current number of reserved bytes with.
msg = "messages: {} / {}, bytes: {} / {} (reserved: {})"

if message_count is None:
message_count = self._message_count

if total_bytes is None:
total_bytes = self._total_bytes

if reserved_bytes is None:
reserved_bytes = self._reserved_bytes

return msg.format(

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