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docs: explain how to nack a sync pull message (#123)
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plamut committed Jun 18, 2020
1 parent 60fe71a commit f2eec65
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15 changes: 14 additions & 1 deletion docs/subscriber/index.rst
Expand Up @@ -64,9 +64,20 @@ To pull the messages synchronously, use the client's
subscriber.acknowledge(subscription_path, ack_ids)
The method returns a :class:`~.pubsub_v1.types.PullResponse` instance that
cointains a list of received :class:`~.pubsub_v1.types.ReceivedMessage`
contains a list of received :class:`~.pubsub_v1.types.ReceivedMessage`

If you want to **nack** some of the received messages (see :ref:`explaining-ack` below),
you can use the :meth:`~.pubsub_v1.subscriber.client.Client.modify_ack_deadline`
method and set their acknowledge deadlines to zero. This will cause them to
be dropped by this client and the backend will try to re-deliver them.

.. code-block:: python
ack_ids = [] # TODO: populate with `ack_ids` of the messages to NACK
ack_deadline_seconds = 0
subscriber.modify_ack_deadline(subscription_path, ack_ids, ack_deadline_seconds)
Pulling a Subscription Asynchronously
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -159,6 +170,8 @@ receiving messages.
.. _explaining-ack:
Explaining Ack
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