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$ nox -s docs

Samples and code snippets

Code samples and snippets live in the `samples/` catalogue. Feel free to
provide more examples, but make sure to write tests for those examples.
Each folder containing example code requires its own `` script
which automates testing. If you decide to create a new folder, you can
base it on the `samples/snippets` folder (providing `` and
the requirements files).

The tests will run against a real Google Cloud Project, so you should
configure them just like the System Tests.

- To run sample tests, you can execute::

# Run all tests in a folder
$ cd samples/snippets
$ nox -s py-3.8

# Run a single sample test
$ cd samples/snippets
$ nox -s py-3.8 -- -k <name of test>

Note About ``README`` as it pertains to PyPI
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