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Expand Up @@ -16,17 +16,6 @@ and creating other objects:
from import spanner
client = spanner.Client()
Long-lived Defaults

When creating a :class:``, the
``user_agent`` and ``timeout_seconds`` arguments have sensible
(:data:`` and
However, you may over-ride them and these will be used throughout all API
requests made with the ``client`` you create.


Expand Down Expand Up @@ -62,18 +51,6 @@ Configuration
Be sure to use the **Project ID**, not the **Project Number**.

Warnings about Multiprocessing

.. warning::
When using multiprocessing, the application may hang if a
:class:`Client <>` instance is created
before :class:`multiprocessing.Pool` or :class:`multiprocessing.Process`
invokes :func:`os.fork`. The issue is under investigation, but may be only
happening on Macintosh and not Linux. See `GRPC/GRPC#12455
<>`_ for
more information.

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