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fix: revise and rename is_etag_in_json(data) (#483)
* fix: handle cases where data is a dict in is_etag_in_json(data)

* address comments and accept proposed changes

* revise is_etag_in_json to check dict data

* revise docstring wording

* revise docstrings

* rename conditional predicate to is_etag_in_data
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cojenco committed Jul 9, 2021
1 parent 92251a5 commit 0a5254647bf1155874fe48f3891bcc34a76b0b81
Showing with 22 additions and 29 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 docs/retry_timeout.rst
  2. +14 −15 google/cloud/storage/
  3. +6 −12 tests/unit/
@@ -133,14 +133,14 @@ explicit policy in your code.
from google.api_core.retry import Retry
from import ConditionalRetryPolicy
from import is_etag_in_json
from import is_etag_in_data
def is_retryable(exc):
... # as above
my_retry_policy = Retry(predicate=is_retryable)
my_cond_policy = ConditionalRetryPolicy(
my_retry_policy, conditional_predicate=is_etag_in_json)
my_retry_policy, conditional_predicate=is_etag_in_data)
bucket = client.get_bucket(BUCKET_NAME, retry=my_cond_policy)
@@ -18,8 +18,6 @@
from google.api_core import retry
from google.auth import exceptions as auth_exceptions

import json

# ConnectionError is a built-in exception only in Python3 and not in Python2.
@@ -120,20 +118,21 @@ def is_metageneration_specified(query_params):
return if_metageneration_match

def is_etag_in_data(data):
"""Return True if an etag is contained in the request body.
:type data: dict or None
:param data: A dict representing the request JSON body. If not passed, returns False.
return data is not None and "etag" in data

def is_etag_in_json(data):
"""Return True if an etag is contained in the JSON body.
Indended for use on calls with relatively short JSON payloads."""
content = json.loads(data)
if content.get("etag"):
return True
# Though this method should only be called when a JSON body is expected,
# the retry policy should be robust to unexpected payloads.
# In Python 3 a JSONDecodeError is possible, but it is a subclass of ValueError.
except (ValueError, TypeError):
return False
``is_etag_in_json`` is supported for backwards-compatibility reasons only;
please use ``is_etag_in_data`` instead.
return is_etag_in_data(data)

@@ -166,30 +166,24 @@ def test_w_if_metageneration_match(self):

class Test_is_etag_in_json(unittest.TestCase):
class Test_is_etag_in_data(unittest.TestCase):
def _call_fut(self, data):
from import retry

return retry.is_etag_in_json(data)
return retry.is_etag_in_data(data)

def _make_json_data(**kw):
import json

return json.dumps(kw)

def test_w_empty(self):
data = self._make_json_data()
def test_w_none(self):
data = None


def test_w_etag_in_data(self):
data = self._make_json_data(etag="123")
data = {"etag": "123"}


def test_w_empty_data(self):
data = ""
data = {}


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