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feat: add context manager support in client (#196)
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chore: fix docstring for first attribute of protos

committer: @busunkim96
PiperOrigin-RevId: 401271153

Source-Link: googleapis/googleapis@787f8c9

Source-Link: googleapis/googleapis-gen@81decff
Copy-Tag: eyJwIjoiLmdpdGh1Yi8uT3dsQm90LnlhbWwiLCJoIjoiODFkZWNmZmU5ZmM3MjM5NmE4MTUzZTc1NmQxZDY3YTZlZWNmZDYyMCJ9
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gcf-owl-bot committed Oct 7, 2021
1 parent 3bbc7ea commit 73d9290cdea69a00ba317ae017a1d07bcf734989
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