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A skeleton for creating Python applications using the Flask framework on App Engine
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This project is no longer actively developed or maintained.

For new work on this check out flask Hello World.

Python Flask Skeleton for Google App Engine

A skeleton for building Python applications on Google App Engine with the Flask micro framework.

See our other Google Cloud Platform github repos for sample applications and scaffolding for other python frameworks and use cases.

Run Locally

  1. Install the App Engine Python SDK. See the README file for directions. You'll need python 2.7 and pip 1.4 or later installed too.

  2. Clone this repo with

    git clone
  3. Install dependencies in the project's lib directory. Note: App Engine can only import libraries from inside your project directory.

    cd appengine-flask-skeleton
    pip install -r requirements.txt -t lib
  4. Run this project locally from the command line: .

Visit the application http://localhost:8080

See the development server documentation for options when running dev_appserver.


To deploy the application:

  1. Use the Admin Console to create a project/app id. (App id and project id are identical)

  2. Deploy the application with update -A <your-project-id> -V v1 .

    If this isn't your first deployment, you will need to set the new version as the default version with set_default_version -V v1 -A <your-project-id>
  3. Congratulations! Your application is now live at

Next Steps

This skeleton includes TODO markers to help you find basic areas you will want to customize.

Relational Databases and Datastore

To add persistence to your models, use NDB for scale. Consider CloudSQL if you need a relational database.

Installing Libraries

See the Third party libraries page for libraries that are already included in the SDK. To include SDK libraries, add them in your app.yaml file. Other than libraries included in the SDK, only pure python libraries may be added to an App Engine project.


Star this repo if you found it useful. Use the github issue tracker to give feedback on this repo.

Contributing changes





Logan Henriquez and Johan Euphrosine