The guestbook App Engine demo, written in Java, built using Maven.
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status: inactive

This project is no longer actively developed or maintained.

For new work on this check out GoogleCloudPlatform/appengine-java-guestbook-multiphase.

App Engine Java Guestbook

Copyright (C) 2010-2014 Google Inc.

Sample guestbook for use with App Engine Java.

Requires Apache Maven 3.1 or greater, and JDK 7+ in order to run.

To build, run

mvn package

Building will run the tests, but to explicitly run tests you can use the test target

mvn test

To start the app, use the App Engine Maven Plugin that is already included in this demo. Just run the command.

mvn appengine:devserver

For further information, consult the Java App Engine documentation.

To see all the available goals for the App Engine plugin, run

mvn help:describe -Dplugin=appengine